TODAY   |  July 15, 2013

Al Roker: Lawsuit is ‘diversionary tactic’ for Asiana

TODAY’s Al Roker, Willie Geist, and Jenna Wolfe chat about some of the hot topics of the day, including Asiana Airlines’ reported lawsuit against California TV station KTVU.

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nice party snack.

>> thank you. back after your local news and weather.

>> that summer bay piano with the real feel today.

>> i love it. it's refreshing and wonderful. you have good hair days.

>> we're going to check in with natalie in london in a moment. we begin with the big story over the weekend. dominated by the acquittal of george zimmerman in several major cities where there were marches and rallies after zimmerman was found not guilty of second degree murder. that came down late saturday night. also of manslaughter for the shooting death of trayvon martin in february of 2012 . we'll discuss this case in depth in just a few minutes. we put together a panel to go through some of this. we'll get to that in a moment. meanwhile, asiana airlines , the crash, they're still investigating exactly what happened. the president of the airline says he's planning legal action after a tv station in san francisco actually went to air with a list of hoax names reportedly identifying the pilots on flight 214 .

>> they are captain sum ting wong, wi tu lo ho lee.

>> they seem to be the unwitting victims of a hoax using those names to identify the pilots. the ntsb apologized for inaccurate and offensive names mistakenly confirmed as those of the pilots. the ntsb acted outside the scope of his authority when he erroneously confirmed the names of the pilot. they got this group of names and calls the ntsb and the intern answers the phone.

>> yeah that's it.

>> and they go to air with it.

>> unless you're on the set and someone is handing you the names and you have but one nano second to read, how do you not at some point just try to pronounce. i pronounce john smith before i go on the air.

>> somebody had to write it and somebody had to create the graphic but in the same token this is a diversionary tactic for asiana airlines . i don't know if that's going to be the problem for their reputation of the shot of a burnt out hole of an airline.

>> this is an unfortunate sidebar to the whole thing that it had to be this way.

>> it's amazing knowing what we know about the way stories come together about the producer and graphics producers and executive producer does it.

>> we all know when you're reading something on the air and you're not sure if you keep going or stop. and it's a mess.

>> they apologized but now there's a lawsuit based on it. speaking of lawsuits, the iowa supreme court ruled yet again that dentist dr. james knight did not discriminate against his female assistant when he fired her in 2010 for being too attractive and a threat to his marriage. she is a married mother of two. she worked for dr. knight. she argued she would not have been fired if she was a man and the court now again disagreed.

>> with their basis being.

>> they're saying it's not gender discrimination . it's discrimination against a threat to his marriage.

>> he was texting her with and his wife found out about it. and she decided i think --

>> who by the way works at the dentist office.

>> she decided that melissa was a threat to their marriage.

>> like sand through the hour glass.

>> melissa pointed out in a statement i did everything i could think of to ignore him, deflect him and discourage him but the judges decided i must have welcomed it because i didn't object strongly enough for fear of being retaliated against. makes you wonder whether the all-male court has it's own issues. we reached out to the dentist and did not comment on that.

>> that's because of his wife.

>> but don't you think if you're the dentist, wouldn't you rather avoid all of this and say, oh, i don't know, just not have an affair with her? just maybe --

>> there was no affair.

>> they did not but just like at least attempt not to have an affair rather than drag everybody through this.

>> it's like i'm so weak against your powers that i have to drag everybody through this.

>> him?

>> i thought he was talking to you.

>> there's pending litigation here. that's why we're not saying much.

>> all i can say is hey, somebody break out the novocain.

>> oh my gosh. jenna had her baby shower over the weekend. it overshadows the royal baby in a lot of ways.

>> a lot of royalty.

>> but we hear there might be another baby. the duke belonging to the duke and duchess of cambridge. her rumored due date came and went today and they updated that sense. prince harry and william played polo on saturday. kate is believed to have spent the weekend at her family's home in bucklebury england. natalie is one of those camped out in front. natalie , what can you tell us?

>> still nobaby still waiting .

>> thanks for being with us. have a great afternoon.

>> hang on. but here with everybody. i'm camped out. you see a lot of empty ladders. the paparazzi just waiting and a lot of cameras primed and ready to go but here we have my friend john from itm and they're fascinated with the fact that we're all here so early covering this. of course we never know when baby cambridge is going to show up. it could be any moment now and we're all in stand by mode and as you mentioned, catherine, for the most part, and prince william were out and about spending a last couple of days relaxing although the prince was off playing a polo match. he lost that match but raised a lot of money for homeless charities here. so they have been seen and no doubt it's going to be a busy week ahead for the rest of the royals as well. they have a docket pretty well planned. prince charles and camilla are in cornwall today so a lot going on with the royals but still no baby. but it gives me some time to do some shopping and jenna, you'll be happy to know that i picked up some baby slippers for you.

>> beautiful.

>> for the little one.

>> i love it.

>> and also should anybody be having a boy, prince charming .

>> very nice.

>> it's obviously exciting there. let's see what kind of excitement there is in bucklebury right now. because you know it's got to be just like crazy.

>> crazy.

>> oh my gosh.

>> crickets.

>> crickets.

>> look at that.

>> things are happening. things are really shaking up.

>> riot police in full combat gear keeping the crowds away.

>> she needs to relax. it's her time to chill right now.

>> clearly.

>> all right natalie . hang tight there. we'll check in with you soon.

>> natalie thanks for the slippers.

>> see you guys later. al has been away for two long weeks. i told you before there was panic last week. people thought there was some cover up. where is al really. you're lying to us. where were you?

>> area 51. no i actually spent a relaxing week and then dropped my daughter off at summer camp . we had a good time doing that and then a buddy of mine, john harris and i went to go to rome to see bruce springstein . guys trip. hanging out.

>> we met this guy.

>> who is that character.

>> i don't know who it is.

>> who could pull off wearing sunglasses at night like that.

>> he called them his night shades . he said it was one of his top three concerts. stevie ray vaughn told me it was the best concert.

>> that was bruce.

>> yeah.

>> hanging out in the bar.

>> yeah.

>> we are glad you're back. stevie van zant . stevie ray vaughn called in from the beyond and told me.