TODAY   |  July 15, 2013

Hot Google trends: NAACP, ‘Cuckoo’s Calling’

Google technologist Daniel Sieberg breaks down a few of the top Google searches over the weekend, including the NAACP and the Zimmerman verdict, and “Cuckoo’s Calling,” a novel written by J.K. Rowling under a pseudonym.

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>> a lot of us stayed out of the heat and cruised this internet this weekend. what were we looking for? daniel is here to break down a few of the hottest google searches.

>> the biggest search is your new baby.

>> didn't need to set an alarm clock this morning.

>> how old now.

>> almost four days.

>> and your second girl.

>> yeah, she's beautiful.

>> congratulations.

>> thank you.

>> any advice for jenna because she is working on something over here. i have zero advice to give.

>> sleep all you can.

>> see you later .

>> let's hit some of the searches again as we always say at this time. not the most searched but the ones that spiked over the weekend and the zimmerman verdict was a big one.

>> we saw a lot of searches around the verdict but beyond that people looking at the legal process itself. so, you know, what is manslaughter. people looking up that definition. looking up the stand your ground law. trying to find the nuisances. also people looking up possible zimmerman riots. we have just seen the protests happening and then naacp had a petition. a lot of people were searching that. the site crashed at one point. close to 500,000 signatures to get federal charges in this case too.

>> another big topic over the weekend was the sudden tragic death of cory monteith from "glee." the 31-year-old was found in vancouver. it was a surprise.

>> very unexpected. he died at a hotel room in vancouver. there was searches around how he died but also reaction. what the celebrities were saying. what his costars were staying. an outstandipouring of support happened on the internet and people wondering what might happen to season 5 of "glee".

>> autopsy will be performed tootd. we'll learn more on that. royal baby watch. natalie morales is outside the hospital.

>> she maybe doing searches now.

>> when was the due date? we thought it was saturday but now it's next saturday.

>> feels like it could be any minute. people are sort of on edge lookiloo looking for prince william and princess kate. they feel like they don't want to miss it so they want to see has it happened yet.

>> did this spike over the weekend? even after the baby is born you're still going to see the interest.

>> we'll see continuing search entrance around this as the baby makes it's first appearance.

>> j.k. rowling was also a big spike writing a book under a different name.

>> for a reason that not anybody would have expected. she actually wrote this book called cuckoo's calling which she wrote under a pseudonym robert galbraith and over the weekend she was outed as the author of this book. it's a fascinating detective story how they discovered she wrote it. the sales for it were small before everyone knew it was j.k. rowling . they have spiked and skyrocketed. it's a neat story that's on the internet. people want to search her and the book itself.

>> i read on google that the numbers spiked like 503,000% or some kind of number.

>> yeah. and it's the twinkies. they're back.

>> they're back and we saw search interests around twinkies. they went away at the end of last year. they're a pop culture icon i guess you could say in some ways.

>> is that it right there?

>> that is the first delivery of the first shipment in nine months.

>> and al roker is on it. daniel always good to talk to you. congratulations again.