TODAY   |  July 15, 2013

Larry King: ‘I love asking questions’

Larry King has been sporting his suspenders once again, hosting an online show called “Larry King Now.” He talks about the premiere of the second season of the show on Hulu and Ora TV and the launch of his second online show, “Politicking with Larry King.”

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>> morning on the plaza. media legend larry king is back with us. he is busy working on not one but two shows. the second season of larry king now premieres today on hulu and oratv and he launched his second online show call politicing with larry king . it's hard not to see larry king on tv every night.

>> sure. want to be there live. the first time i realized how much i missed it -- i thought i could leave. it thought it would be easy but the night bin laden was killed i wanted to jump up off the couch and do something and i got lucky and we founded ora tv.

>> do you ever reget the decision to step away from nightly television. on days when there's a big news story yes because i like to be in the middle of it and the onlooker. i never involve me in it. i never use the word i. but i love being at the scene. that's what a journalist does. he goes to the scene, looks at the scene, asks questions about it. leaves himself hopefully out of it. i never felt that the journalist should be in the story but should be around the story.

>> and i miss that part. but i'm back doing so many things now.

>> tell me about the show. how was that different for you? you have such a variety of guests. you could go from political leaders to snoop lion to everybody in between.

>> we had bill mahr , it's so much -- it's fun. i sit in a very relaxed studio. it's set up like the house. my wife sort of designed the studio. it's very, very comfortable setting and there i am with her. we did it here in new york. i'll do some in new york today. jeff bridges today and the former mayor of los angeles and ron howard . i keep in the mix. the show is different. it's a half hour. it's taped. i like live. so i miss the live aspect and then we do the politicing show and that's also on ora and hulu. i don't know how i keep up with myself.

>> i don't either.

>> what i do is i love the whole mix. see that, i love asking questions. to me, i have been doing it all my life. when i was nine years old i asked the bus driver why do you want to drive a bus and i'm still doing that. why do you want to drive a bus.

>> and the thing i love that you always say is i never learned anything by talking. you're one of the great listener as an interviewer.

>> i never learned anything when i was talking.

>> right.

>> larry king , you're still at it. it's incredible. i don't know how you do it. politicing with larry king is the new show. great to see you.

>> i want to salute the "today" show. i bring a message to them from the cardiologist of america. thank you for the wonderful morning of twinkies.

>> you can have as many as you want on the