TODAY   |  July 15, 2013

Bill Rancic: Baby Duke ‘saved his mommy’s life’

Bill and Giuliana Rancic, along with their baby son, Duke, talk about the sixth season of their hit show, “Giuliana and Bill,” and life as new parents. Giuliana says she is doing “great” since breast cancer treatment.

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>>> back now at 8:39 with a special guest making his television debut. 10 month old edward duke rancic enjoying a highlighter at the moment.

>> he stole your highlighter.

>> his parents of course are jul giuliana and bill rancic . their show is tomorrow night.

>> say hi.

>> excuse me, you know mommy was a break dancer .

>> who.

>> me. i used to break dance in the 6th grade .

>> really.

>> and they're here with us this morning. good to see you.

>> good morning.

>> did i hear him talk when i introduced him.

>> he speaks three languages fluently.

>> you're almost a year in, 10 and a half months. how are you doing with this guy?

>> great. look at him. he's such a good baby. he's been up a couple of hours now and he's having fun . he's a great kid.

>> he's hopped up on highlighters.

>> that's the secret willie.

>> we'll transition to sniffing glue yet.

>> does he have an agent yet? talking about a spin off.

>> we're thinking about it.

>> he's a tough negotiator.

>> no, no agent yet but he is -- he's definitely in the new season that starts tomorrow.

>> yeah.

>> and we went back and forth about that. we didn't know how much we were going to put or if we were even going to put him on the show. but we felt like people had been through the major journey with us and then to say you can't meet your baby or see our baby it felt wrong.

>> i know both of you to be down to earth people and you talked i don't want to raise a kid in l.a. we want to be in chicago . do you worry about starting him on television from the day he was born.

>> it's not going to be a long-term venture. one season or two seasons maybe and that's it. we'll raise him in chicago and he's going to go to school in chicago and be out of the l.a. hollywood scene.

>> you know how some parents say i'm going to leave it up to my kid if they want to get into acting, we're like no.

>> if he goes to medical school or law school then he can do whatever he wants afterward.

>> get a degree and then figure it out.

>> you were here about a little over a year and a half ago announcing your diagnosis of breast cancer . your health is good.

>> great. great. no complaints. on medication and it's going well.

>> for you to be able to sit here after that not knowing what your future looked like.

>> isn't that something. i remember i had been on this set many times shaking and sad and in this very dark place and now it's amazing to finally be here. that's why we were so excited about coming here with baby duke, all the faces here and producers to finally be able to introduce all of you to him. it's just a miracle. it just shows that you can get through it. you can get through the darkest time in your life. you can. and quickly. sometimes it doesn't take many, many years. for us it was thankfully not a long process.

>> this guy is going to get away with a lot because he'll be able to pull the card that he saved his mommy's life.

>> if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have found the cancer.

>> this is a beautiful scene. i'm sure you're great parents but bill i have to ask you about taking the little guy tubing. i understand you pulled him behind the boat.

>> i did.

>> do you want to explain yourself.

>> explain yourself.

>> we were at a friend's soccer game, their child was like 11 years old and we weren't allowed to clap or keep score and i thought we're raising a bunch of whimps. so we want to make sure he's not afraid of everything because she is timid about roller coasters and skiing and stuff like that.

>> i'm timid about everything and i agree with bill i think a lot of kids these days they're not as adventurous as they should be. i don't want him to see my fears. i want him to be his own guy and have fun.

>> i had a special wet suit. i wasn't reckless about it. he wasn't back there trick skiing with dad.

>> he is a beautiful child . is he walking? pulling himself up? getting ready.

>> he's starting to pull himself up a little bit. but he's a big boy . for 10 and a half months, as you can see. by the way, in honor of larry king today.

>> that's the larry king look obviously.

>> he's a big boy but we'll see chl it's good. hopefully one day we'll have a little brother or sister for duke too.

>> there have been reports that you're moving on to number two at this point? any truth to that?

>> we have met with the surrogate and she's on board. she wants to put the band back together.

>> we asked her to.

>> hopefully we're going to have good news to report very soon.

>> we look forward to that. come on back and tell us about it. duke, good to see you.

>> thanks willie.

>> catch the season premiere of