TODAY   |  July 15, 2013

Duchess Kate’s hometown eagerly awaits royal birth

In the 1,000-year-old town of Bucklebury, where Duchess Catherine grew up, locals are excited to welcome the future heir to the throne. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>> how are they getting ready for the arrival of the royal baby? michelle kosinski is there this morning.

>> here at the old boot they had one party in honor of the royal baby. the owner has known kate and her family for 20 years. william also comes in and over the last weekend it's been reported that kate spent the time here with her family in buckleberry preparing for birth which the world expects any day now.

>> this thousand year old town, once owned by a king, edward the confesssor just before the normal invasion. people today are excited to welcome the newest heir to the thrown, william and kate 's child who many feel sure is a girl.

>> my personal feeling is girl.

>> really? everybody thinks it's a girl.

>> i do. i don't know why.

>> at the old boot inn, they're getting ready for a party.

>> i must buy some more -- i've got some coming in tomorrow.

>> of champagne.

>> not today.

>> so in england your local pub owner is pretty much with you your whole life.

>> i'm afraid so. if you live in this village i'm here. i've been here 17 years. you have to stick by me.

>> bucklebury is where young kate got her start in life after her parents home party planning business took off. they just recently moved to a larger more than $7 million home in town with lots of privacy. this could be where kate 's child gets her or his start at least for a few weeks. kate spent the weekend her with her family where a nursery is being prepared too. it is possible that once the royal couple and baby leave the hospital, this is where they will come if they don't return to their cottage at kinsington palace. what we do know is once the baby is born bells will ring in buck bucklebury after just as they did after the wedding. a small country town pleased with with it's big connection. what do you give a royal baby as a gift? a nice vintage port that he or she can open up when they turn 21. back to you guys.

>>> all right michelle, thank you