TODAY   |  July 15, 2013

Bill Cosby reveals top-voted Cosby sweater

The “Cosby Show” star reveals the winning garment in his online tournament, which allowed fans to choose a favorite among the iconic sweaters worn on air by his character, Heathcliff Huxtable. He also gets a special surprise from his former TV wife Phylicia Rashad.

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>> been gearing up for this moment all morning long. which iconic cosby show sweater from the show's successful 8 year run is the favorite among fans. the final four next week. here to reveal the winner is dr. bill cosby . good morning to you.

>> i don't have on the winning sweater.

>> no you don't. but let me ask you this, though. it came down to two. did you have a favorite.

>> no.

>> okay.

>> no. maybe the one i have on.

>> it's a contender.

>> that didn't make it.

>> with due respect that is a hideous sweater, sir. a fine contender.

>> thank you.

>> with that dr. cosby, let's get to it.

>> the big reveal.

>> the big reveal here. let's take a look.

>> we'll show the sweater.

>> there it is. oh with the runners on the track. it's the relay sweater.

>> there you have it.

>> why does willie keep saying worst.

>> ugliest.

>> it was never the ugliest. they haven't been voting for ugly, willie .

>> oh.

>> it's not like a baby contest. it was the sweater that the people liked the best.

>> okay.

>> there's a lot going on. there's a scene on the back of the sweater and the front.

>> hello and the people found that amusing and something to do other than going ugly and miserable and hideous.

>> you know, it's true. i think some of the other sweaters deserved a look though. some of the ones we have here.

>> yes.

>> they're entertaining too. dr. cosby i understand you celebrated a birthday recently.

>> 76.

>> wow. happy birthday to you.

>> i enjoyed it.

>> we thought we would celebrate here. we have a gift for you.

>> i don't want a twinkie with a candle.

>> we have a gift in the box and also the person who is bringing it to you.

>> look at that.

>> they woke you up this morning.

>> a gentleman willie would get up and give her your seat.

>> yes, ma'am. where are my manners.

>> i don't know where your manners went, willie .

>> we brought in her own seat. she earned it.

>> she always has her seat. she brought in her chair.

>> what did you get. oh, tell me the secret of this.

>> this is a today show beautiful sweater.

>> according to willie ?

>> yes. never call him ugly again. thank you. great to see you.

>> thank you so much.

>> where's my hat.