TODAY   |  July 15, 2013

Awaiting labor, Duchess Kate spends time with family

The Duchess of Cambridge, who is expected to go into labor any day now, is spending her last days before the royal birth relaxing with her family, while Prince William played a polo tournament with his brother, Prince Harry, over the weekend. TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>>> be the week of the royal birth? the world excitingly awaiting the little one's arrival and natalie made her way to london and her post at st. mary's hospital. god only knows how long you'll be standing outside that hospital. we hope it's not too long.

>> please willie don't jinx me. my fingers are crossed. the rumored due date has come and gone but you can see all of the cameras. while the media maybe whipping itself up into a frenzy william and kate seem to be more relaxed spending the weekend away from the fray. while the world waits , kate spent the weekend relaxing with her family and getting some last minute advice from her mom carol who has been helping her set up the royal nursery. not quite so relaxed perhaps, dad to be william who escaped to the polo field with harry but lost the charity tournament to support of applause. but it's not quite time to pull the cork yet. in the days of henry viii not known for his patience, mid wives tried to bring on labor by banging doors and drawers. kate might try other options.

>> there's all sorts. whether it's drinking champagne and eating chocolate. tea is popular but i'm not aware of any science behind it. it's just luck.

>> if the baby goes more than a week over term doctors may think of inducing labor. some of britain's moms to be are hoping to hold on so their baby will be born on the same day and receive one of those very special commemorative coins .

>> we have a bit of a joke about you and kate could be friends and go on play dates.

>> hopefully she will go for the walk in high park with the baby and the dog and show people i can do the things you do too.

>> london sweltering in a heat wave but that hasn't put off the world's media or the tourists or this royal fan? a lot of royal fans here as a matter of fact. well, as you can expect. here's what's going to happen. we expect on the day of the baby's arrival, the birth announcement in keeping with royal tradition will leave from outside these doors and will be caravanned about two miles to buckingham palace all along that route. it's a 10 minute drive or so. we expect a lot of camera coverage all along the way. a royal spectacle and only then once the birth announcement is placed ib side the gates of buckingham palace will we finally know all the details including among them, most importantly, boy of girl. prince or princess. meanwhile willie, gives me more time to shop here for royal baby gear. born to rule. let's hope it happens soon.

>> love it natalie. we'll see you sometime in mid august.