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TODAY   |  July 14, 2013

Duchess Kate reportedly in hometown, not hospital

As Britain continues to wait for the royal birth, Duchess Kate is reportedly in her hometown outside of London, spending the weekend with her parents. NBC’s Mandy Clark reports.

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>>> the world is watching and waiting for word of a new royal arrival. this morning there are new signs suggesting the wait might be a little longer than we expected. mandy clark is outside st. mary's hospital in london where the future heir to the throne will be born. mandy, good morning to you.

>> reporter: well, good morning. the media is remaining camped outside the hospital but kate is reportedly in her hometown spending the weekend with her parents. now that village is around an hour and a half away from london , and that means it has put the royal humor mill into full swing . the speculation is if the princess is away, she may not be expecting the royal baby for at least several more days. it's reported she decided to relax at her family's home, enjoying the calm before the full brunt of the media storm .

>> william is due to play polo today 45 miles away . will kate go? she has been telling friends she has been feeling really good despite being nine months pregnant.

>> reporter: kate middleton 's mother also put the media in a spin after apparently saying the baby will be a leo that begins july 23rd and that has astrologers all abuzz.

>> the sign of leo , the sign of cancer dominate the royal family . and this baby has a mixture of both. so it's the most royal of royal babies.

>> reporter: royal enthusiasts wasted no time digging up surprising facts on the lineage of the baby if waiting.

>> apparently the royal baby will be related to beyonce and jay-z's little daughter blue ivy carter by 23 cousins twice removed. not really close relatives.

>> reporter: all of this excitement about the upcoming birth even have some to wonder if it's time for the queen to consider a royal retirement to make way for a more modern monarchy.

>> it would be lovely for the kind of, you know, magazine celebrity pages to have this glamorous young couple with this little baby on the throne and that's very much perhaps a sort of fairy tale ending.

>> she will never be a abdicate. it's a dirty word in the language.

>> reporter: but taking a step back from her royal duties would allow the quaen to spend more time with her great-grandchild, the newest royal highness . boy or girl , cancer or leo , in the end all that really matters is that mom and baby have a healthy and safe delivery whenever the time comes. kate ?

>> that's for sure, mandy. bookmakers are keeping a close eye on this, too. are they betting for a boy or a girl?

>> reporter: well, the odds-on favorite is that l it will be a girl with brown hair born today and named alexandria. but, really, we'll have to wait and see.

>> right, right. not to be too specific or anything. mann mandy clark from london .