TODAY   |  July 14, 2013

After star’s death, ‘Glee’ set to enter fifth season

“That’s the big question,” E!’s Alicia Quarles told NBC’s Kate Snow, saying it’s too early to tell how the death of star Cory Monteith, who played Finn Hudson, will affect the show.

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>> cory monteith shot the to stardom playing fin hudson on "glee." i thought that i heard you laughing

>> starring alongside his real life girlfriend actress leah i michele.

>> i have something to say. something happened to me and i can't really get into it but it's shaken me to my core.

>> today his fans are mourning the death of a 31-year-old actor. police say monteith's body was found saturday in his hotel room in downtown vancouver . they've not given a cause of death and say there's no sign of foul play . the one can desire

>> the native of british columbia had been open about previous battles with substance abuse telling a magazine in 2011 he was, quote, lucky to be alive. and according to his representatives had checked himself into a program for substance addiction in march. an autopsy is planned for monday. today his friends and fans are remembering the talented young ak are tore. the producers of "glee," which is about to enter its fifth season, released a statement saying cory was an exceptional talent and an even more excepti exceptional person. he was a true joy to work with and we will all miss him tremendously. trying to make his way home

>> a correspondent for e! great to have you here. what more do we know about this?

>> we don't know a lot right now. the autopsy is going to be on monday. cory had substance abuse problems. we don't know if there was an overdose. we'll have to see. he was in his hotel room at noon yesterday. he was supposed to check out. when he didn't check out, staff went in and found his body. he was seen with people earlier in the day but this is a shocker.

>> no sign of any foul play at this point, and we don't know if it's link ed to his addiction. he has been very vocal about that, open about it.

>> he said from the age of 13 he took any and everything so from alcohol to pills. at 19 his family had an intervention and he entered rehab for the first time and he was back in rehab just a few months ago. he got out. we interviewed him. he seemed well. life was going good. his girlfriend, lea michele , has been wearing a necklace that says cory to show support.

>> his co-star. anything about her whereabouts?

>> we have not heard anything from lea michele . i've interviewed her several times and she talks about cory and her eyes would light up. she has to be just devastated. they took a vacation not that long ago. i'm sure the cast and lea is in shock.

>> the show has the got to be devastated by this and what do they do? i hate to ask, but they're going into a big season this fall. how are they going to cope with the loss of their star?

>> that's the question. the show's creator will have a lot to deal with. the cast was together on june 28 doing fphotos for fall. promos coming up. cory had so much to look forward to. this is a surprise.

>> again, we don't know the cause of death or exactly what happened here. a lot of people's minds go back to the same place like we've seen this before. we saw heath ledger , how many stars who have struggled with substance abuse are found under similar circumstances.

>> so many. you go from heath ledger to river phoenix . these are young talents that are gone too soon. and in cory monteith 's case, he says that i have all these addiction issues. but celebrities, they have to be up all the time. they have to be on all the time. things are accessible to them. so their battle is even harder than a lot of other people.