TODAY   |  July 14, 2013

David Gregory on Zimmerman verdict, politics

“Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory talks to NBC’s Kate Snow about the political implications of the George Zimmerman verdict, and whether President Obama might comment.

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>>> and george zimmerman's trial brought the issue of race to the forefront. president obama even weighed in on the case early on. now will he say anything more about this verdict? david gregory is moderator of "meet the press." david, good morning to you.

>> good morning, kate.

>> so let's start with that question. remind people that when president obama weighed in, he said the words, if it i had a son, he would look like trayvon. do you suspect -- the white house has said they wouldn't say anything until after the trial was over certainly, but do you expect the president to say anything at this point?

>> it's possible. i don't know he wants to render judgment on the jury's verdict but there are still outstanding issues, a tremendous feeling of dissatisfaction derived from the outcome of this case. there are still racial attitudes at play, the attitude of gun laws in florida, the concept of self-defense. so i don't think this goes away and remember that the political fresh europe wpressure was a big piece of this, being charged after a long delay after the incident occurred. the challenge how to extrapolate from this case, a tragic situation with strong views about what actually happened. is there something clear enough for a political case to be made for more attention.

>> we talked about the heated debate this prompted over race in this country, what it is like to be an african-american young man in this country. leaders expressed disappointment with the case. how do you see that playing out?

>> again, i think president obama at that level has been careful about where and when he weighs in but he did in this case, he did in that case in cambridge with skip casing arrested, but he's done so gingerly and i think there's every reason to think that will be the case here as well. i think at the state level there's issues like the stand your ground law that could be debated in various states. i don't think it's totally clear how much traction this has as a political issue.

>> this is being watched overseas as well as in the u.s. does it say anything about our legal system ?

>> i think what it says is that how often our legal system particular particularly in high-profile cases can fail to resolve issues as difficult as this. you know, this was a case whether he committed murder. of not whether a tragedy occurred. not whether a young african- american boy died but whether you could make it a murder charge that would actually stick. so that's why as you've been talking about with lisa, the legal execution becomes a big part of the debate as it's been in other high-profile cases.