TODAY   |  July 14, 2013

Reaction online, in streets after Zimmerman verdict

Moments after a verdict was reached in the George Zimmerman trial, Americans across the country weighed in. NBC’s Ron Mott reports.

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>> reporter: opinions have been sharply divided about this case for a long time, even before last night's verdict, and maybe they're even divided more after this verdict. a lot of people were wondering how this all happened.

>> we, the jury, find george zimmerman not guilty.

>> reporter: for some in sanford , the verdict is a painful exclamation point of injustice.

>> how can you murder an innocent child and sleep at night? how can you?

>> reporter: for others like kayla alexander, born and raised here, it signals another chance for sanford , for america really, to move forward.

>> the verdict is the verdict and it can't be changed. i think as a community we have to pull closer together and try to make sense of everything.

>> reporter: around the country, tv, online, on the street, a similar mix from d.c. to chicago, san francisco , l.a., to countless millions l on media worldwide. evidence of a verdict that mattered a lot to so many but certainly no more than to one. a sanford resident told me the cameras will leave. they, of course, will stay behind to live here. they're hurting but hopeful for healing. kate?