TODAY   |  July 13, 2013

Waiting game in London as royal baby watch continues

If media speculation is to be believed, Saturday is when Duchess Kate is due to deliver. However, the palace never provided an official date -- only saying she is due in mid-July. In Britain, the nation continues to wait in eager anticipation for the royal birth. NBC’s Mandy Clark reports.

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>> anticipation of a royal baby. there was never a due date announced. we were told mid july. excitement is building in london . mandy clark is outside st. mary's hospital where the future heir to the throne will be born. what is it like there?

>> reporter: good morning, well, lester, if media speculation is to be believed, then today is when kate is due to deliver. there's been no indication she's gone to the hospital, yet. the palace never officially announced the date. they said she was due in mid july.

>> the speculation that the duke and duchess of cambridge's baby could be born any day now.

>> reporter: this morning, people in britain and around the world are watching and waiting for kate to go into labor. it could be any moment now. the first time mom, it wouldn't be unusual for her to go past her due date . if it drags on too long, doctors will induce her.

>> the average time, 41 and 42 weeks. it's a week or two past the due date if there are no medical complications . by about ten days time, she will be induced.

>> reporter: ten days may seem like a long time for the princess given that london is going through a heat wave and nine months pregnant, she may be getting uncomfortable in 80 degree weather. the reason is simple. it's harder for heavily pregnant women to cool down. interest in the royal baby is only heating up.

>> it's exciting. my friends have gotten married and having children.

>> it will be exciting to see how the queen reacts with the baby. it will be nice. another generation coming through.

>> reporter: the public enthusiasm led to many placing a bet on the royal birth. 20,000 people have decided to take a gamble on their hunch of a new royal highness .

>> the name, what day it will be born on, the hair color . this is the most exciting we have seen in history.

>> reporter: for some, this is a way to take part in fact historic birth while the nation continues to play the waiting game . this afternoon prince william is due to attend a polo match that is around an hour and a half outside london . if the princess goes into labor, he plans to rush back and be by her side.