TODAY   |  July 13, 2013

Snowden’s request revives Cold War tensions

NSA leaker Edward Snowden remains in a Moscow airport after renewing his plea for asylum in Russia. The request, and ongoing drama, is stoking international tensions between Russia and the U.S., which is reminiscent of the Cold War. NBC’s Kristen Welker reports.

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>>> edward snowden remained holed up in moscow's airport. friday, he showed his face for the first time in weeks. the u.s. wants russia to hand him over. it's leading to a tense stand off, reminiscent of the cold war . christy is live at the white house this morning. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning to you. president obama will monitor the snowden situation this weekend. he spoke by phone friday night with russian president vladimir putin . both leaders noted the importance of the relationship between the united states and russia . still, it is a test time. american fugitive edward snowden holed in a moscow airport for another day. relations between the united states and russia , which is fraught with tension dating back to the cold war .

>> snowden has fallen into the midst of a relationship that's been trying to get itself on footing again.

>> reporter: this, after snowden , the man behind the nsa leak surfaced friday from the first time from the airport defending his actions after meeting with human rights groups.

>> i did not seek to enrich myself or seek to sell u.s. secrets. i did not partner with any foreign government to guarantee my safety. i announce today my former acceptance of all offers of support for asylum.

>> reporter: it was met with stern words from the united states which means russia could jeopardize relations with the u.s. if they don't send snowden home.

>> providining platform for mr. snowden .

>> reporter: what putin does next is key with russia poised to host the g-20.

>> they are mindful about september between obama and putin. then one would anticipate it in the most expeditious way they could.

>> reporter: foreign policy experts say it could take russia several weeks to determine whether or not to grant snowden asylum.