TODAY   |  July 12, 2013

TV reporter’s dramatic bear safety demo goes viral

Natalie Morales is brought to tears, giggling over a Rhode Island TV reporter’s demonstration of what to do if you encounter a bear.

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>> tv journalists do for a story. this is a providence reporter. there's been a man in a neighborhood who uncountered a bear and didn't know what to do.

>> like a little black bear.

>> yeah, so as a public service he demonstrated what you should do.

>> we should put together a few tips from the experts to help protect yourself should you come across a curious bear.

>> according to experts you should avoid direct eye contact with the bear. don't run away. back off slowly. wave your arms to let the animal know your human. don't yell, stay quite and then scream and throw things at the bear. if the bear attacks crawl up in a ball on your side or lay flat on your stomach. above all, stay calm.

>> that's julie tremmel of our affiliate up in rhode island . how great was that.

>> speaking of great acting.

>> this one right here. i love this one.

>> don't look at it directly. that was great.

>> but now you remember. you will remember. she put that in the minds of viewers.

>> what was it about lying in a ball.

>> crawl up in a ball and wait for death.

>> that was great.

>> hats off to her. things we thought we would never do on tv. mine is obvious. happened earlier this year.

>> what happened.

>> when i made out with al on tv.

>> i wouldn't call that a make up session. that was a gentle peck.

>> whose idea was that by the way?

>> that was tony.

>> i thought you went in first.

>> we locked eyes and we knew.

>> you knew you were going to kiss.

>> al was a little like i don't know if i should do it.

>> i was the aggressor.

>> i was out at the ranch prior to the summer olympics to get to see the girls and just one of those classic on air moments where you're taping and spot and i literally. i'll let you see how it rolled.

>> then the bars.

>> very good. you got it. good job.

>> oh, that hurt.

>> the most intimidating the vault.

>> and jump.

>> very good.

>> and the grand finale .

>> i'm ready for the floor now.

>> floor exercise .

>> oh. oh.

>> all right. maybe i was getting a little too confident.

>> i love that i fell. i'm ready for the floor now and i literally hit the floor .

>> i'm glad it was a two camera shoot. two angles.

>> i wasn't even sure they have it. do you have that video?

>> nice of the producer to include that in the piece as well.

>> i made sure we had it.

>> legendary.