TODAY   |  July 12, 2013

Fashions  that men and women hate on each other

Tyler Thoreson from and Redbook’s Audrey Slater show off looks that men and women dislike on the opposite sex. For men, it’s anything that looks likes Britney Spears from the early 2000s; for women, it’s guys who show off armpits and toes.

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>>> there are times when we spend hours trying to find the right outfit for date night. what we like to wear and what our guy likes to see us in can be two very different things.

>> and what he wears is a whole different story. here to show us what date night looks like that drives the opposite sex wild and which ones fall short are --

>> turn-off.

>> "men's editor" tyler thorson and audrey slater. and they're going to weigh in with a thumbs up and thumbs down.

>> so this is one of those things that often we're not quite sure what to wear on a date.

>> a first date?

>> a lot of pressure on a first date. yeah, first date. let's take it there.

>> so this is what the opposite sex does not like. this is what we wish guys would wear and men wish that their date would not wear, right? why don't you come on out. let's look at the first couple. so tell us what is wrong with this?

>> look. women are always telling men, you have to put in a little effort here. nobody is really putting in any effort here. anything that channels britney spears circa 2002 , i just don't think is a great look. there's a time and place for everything you're seeing here.

>> such as if their first date is let's have coffee. i'll meet you at starbucks and let's go talk.

>> but i do want to say, bad move. don't show toe on a first date.

>> toes?

>> what if you have the most beautiful feet?

>> i feel flip-flops are a bold statement and that's that i'm not putting in an effort. i'm going as casual as i possibly can. and they both look adorable but it's just way too casual for a first date.

>> okay. thanks.

>> they look authentic. but that's just me.

>> he think he's being charming. she's thinking, i guess i'm paying for dinner.

>> the next is what we wish you guys would wear. the women wish their men would dress this way and the men wish their women would dress this way.

>> they are classic, timeless. that's what's going on here.

>> she's showing toe.

>> yes, she is.

>> and the toes look good. he's not which is the key detail. a lot of guys get confused when women try to follow the latest trends. they do it for each other. they are impressing each other. we like something that's a little more classic.

>> she looks phenomenal. she's showing just the right amount. it's not too much cleavage. but her legs are there. the perfect right length. just above the knee. and men really do love killer shoes.

>> any gal with a white button down is a home run.

>> what do you guys think?

>> i'm going to give a thumbs up.

>> eh.

>> why?

>> i --

>> okay. that was succinct.

>> there's nothing that wows me about the outfit. it's not that it's bad. but --

>> okay.

>> that's the thing. everybody is different.

>> they're not trying too hard. i like that.

>> all right. it's classic.

>> so this is an example of what a man and woman would wear if it was totally up to them. no one weighed in. this is what you would choose and he'd choose.

>> i think they both look like they just stepped out of the j. crew catalog in a really good way. we all want to look this relaxed yet pulled together at the same time. and it's the combination of sort of relaxed classic pieces but it's all styled and polished. i think they look adorable.

>> i would agree. look. speaking for the guys, there's a new generation of guys out there that wants to put in a little effort.

>> they like clothes.

>> they like clothes. but they are practical. everything you see here can be worn somewhere else. the blazer from h & m is like 70 bucks. you can wear that in a million different places. a lot of guys won't do the pocket square . but that's an $8 pocket square .

>> i love them both.

>> i'm pro pocket square .

>> you are?

>> yeah.

>> love them both?

>> thanks, guys.

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