TODAY   |  July 12, 2013

Pros, cons of using humor in relationships

Married couples, a single man and a relationship expert discuss relationships with kids and the benefits to laughing and joking in marriage.

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>>> day friday with our special "he said, she said" special of "today" and our battle of the sexes panel. they're here to answer as many relationship questions. we have marriage counselors mr. and mrs. jim elizabeth carroll. our usual suspect rick younger and his wife whose name is vanessa and the divorced bob guinea. and amy lawrence.

>> we have tina from toronto with her fam. hi. how are you?

>> good. my question is what do men really prefer? is it good looks or a fabulous personality?

>> good looks.

>> good personality and looks.

>> good looks only last so long.

>> exactly. when the light comes down there better be some personality.

>> doesn't have to be either or. can we kind of have a middle of the road ?

>> when guys are looking for a woman they would much rather take a 7 or an 8 with an amazing total package personality than the model that has nothing going.

>> exactly.

>> makes you look more attractive.

>> you don't have to be like the most gorgeous person in the world if your personality --

>> although vanessa is.

>> here's the facebook post from lynette. been married ten years and going through a rough time. my husband thinks it's not normal to have ups and downs in a relationship. well, is it normal?

>> absolutely.

>> yes!

>> no!

>> be happy.

>> you know what, if i would just put on a happy face and just be happy every day, he thinks everything is great. i want to get underneath all of it --

>> we always need to talk it out.

>> can't you just shut up and be happy. okay. it's a joke. it's a joke.

>> i heard something --

>> it's about a commitment and making a decision that whether things are good or bad that you'll work it out and stay together. my father used to always talk about and i've adopted this philosophy. if she ever plans on leaving, she better pack a bag because i'm going with her.

>> he always speaks so beautifully. even when you aren't here, vanessa .

>> thank you. he also speaks very beautifully to me and about me to my face, too, which is --

>> that's very important.

>> can you please take a lesson here.

>> let's take another question from the crowd.

>> next up peter from ottawa.

>> hi. my question is, do women find humor attractive and sexy in a man?

>> god, i hope so. i'm a comedian.

>> bob got lucky once.

>> i'm hoping to make it work one more time.

>> my husband is such a jokester. he's always got the joke going. i have to pull him back sometimes and say this part was okay but -- joking about sex