TODAY   |  July 12, 2013

KLG, Hoda debate TV in the bedroom

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discuss what couples fight about the most, whether it’s OK to watch TV and use iPads in bed, and what you love best about your partner.

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>>> kotb" from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>> hello, everybody. it's friday, friday, july 12th . we have so much fun in store for you today. we could just change your life. we dream big .

>> this is all about he said, she said and couples and what we fight about with our husbands or boyfriends and how we can resolve all these disputes. a lot of people say, i have been friendly with couples who say we never -- it's weird. we don't fight.

>> yeah. and that is a bunch of --

>> i guess it's just pent-up --

>> i think either they are polite or don't know each other well enough or there's not a real deep connect on some level because i think you are different people and you're going to have to have disagreements. it would seem to me. but a lot of people have trouble communicating.

>> do you like yell and scream?

>> his.

>> you do? i used to be a much nicer human being . now i just go --

>> what is the main thing you guys fight about?

>> let me think about that for a minute.

>> while you are thinking, we took to the streets to find out what --

>> i'll think about that.

>> time to get down and dirty here.

>> he doesn't listen ever.

>> she never wants to make a decision and i always want to make one.

>> the pressure to conform to, say, a new diet that you might get in like the juicing diet right now. he puts pressure on me and thinks it's the best thing for me as well as him.

>> well it is.

>> he eats all the groceries in about two days' time when they are supposed to last about a week.

>> what annoys me the most about moy boyfriend is when we share a bed, he spreads out like a starfish and almost pushes me out sometimes.

>> yeah, that would be annoying. i guess -- i guess it's the kids.

>> yeah.

>> you know. we don't fight a lot. and when we do, it can be brutal brutal. but we also laugh tons more than we fight.

>> that's great.

>> if you don't laugh you might as well pack it in right now if you can't laugh at yourself.

>> one of the number one things couples fight about is money because that's such a hot button and usually a spender and a saver and they --

>> that's why i was always grateful. i'm frank's third wife but the only one that had her own credit card .

>> what do you mean?

>> well, that was -- makes their own career in that sense. so i like that freedom. and i think that's important.

>> couples fight about kids and sex is another one. like not enough.

>> well, if you're not having it, you never fight about it.

>> here's another question for you. do you --

>> thank you anthony.

>> do you think it's okay to watch television in the bedroom? have a tv on in your bedroom? what about like ipads and iphones.

>> i'm not into all that tech stuff. i go to bed earlier than frank. once in a while i'll turn the news on if there's an update on something. so i like to have it there for that but i'm not a big watcher of tv in our bedroom.

>> right, right. they say that can ruin a relationship because that's sometimes the only time you get a chance to talk and catch up. with the tv on you have something else going on in the background.

>> what about you, hoda. why are you asking me?

>> we always had a tv on. a tv in the --

>> come on.

>> that is not very nice.

>> how many weeds were there? i want to hodie on your kotb

>> it's not catching on.

>> it's catching on.

>> nobody --

>> oh, i was at bergdorf's the other day. they were going yeah, yeah!

>> what is it that couples love about one another? while we think about that, that's see what you had to say.

>> that's easy. game of thrones and our share for hip-hop music.

>> yeah, pretty much.

>> we're both into tattoos, obviously, so having a shared common interest helps.

>> just taking time out and hanging outas friends and remembering why we fell in love in the first place.

>> what makes a relationship work best is probably communication. like when he does listen.

>> being able and open to going new places, trying new things and experiencing everything together.

>> what makes our marriage work is great communication and a consistency to use love as a verb.

>> i think it's quite simple how to make a marriage work. in my case, i just never say no and i always tell her how skinny she looks. she likes that. and i like her to like that.

>> frank just did a youtube video or something.

>> first of all, i'm shocked about that. very grainy.

>> so what did he say again?

>> i like it when he tells me that i'm skinny.

>> and he says yes to everything you say.

>> that's not true but i do like it when he says yes. he's a very giving person. frank is a really generous, sweet person. and he's a good man. and i'm very grateful for him.

>> i still remember when there was this huge luncheon. i think you and frank were being honored.

>> another drunk and another honor. was it for philanthropist of the year again. humanitarian of the planet? i'm sick of it.

>> we were sitting at a table and everyone was sitting at the table and i came in a minute late or something and frank was at the table. he watched as i came in. he stood up from the table. when i sat down. and i saw -- i've seen him do that over and over to people. he's got the old-fashioned --

>> he does.

>> -- manners that are lost.

>> he's got the best of old-fashioned stuff. look at him. he can do youtube.

>>> now time for our favorite part of every friday. kathie lee 's friday funny.

>> okay. this was sent in on facebook. a woman runs into a doctor's office and says, doctor, doctor, you have to help me. every part of my body that i touch hurts. i am in so much pain. the doctor looked at her confused and replied, okay. show me. so the woman poked her ankle. she let out a huge aaaah and was visibly in a lot of pain. she poked her knee and yelled again. then she poked her forehead and screamed again. she was about to continue and the doctor said, that's enough. let me think this over. he thought about it for a minute and said, i think i know what your problem is. you broke your finger. you know, hearing that, that rim shot , my friend joel mann , i want to get a camera on you. joel was my drummer when i did my live performance. i had no idea he was going to be here today. we have those livly ladies. there's joel. he's in the witness protection .

>> he's now been revealed. there you see him.

>> how long were you my drummer?

>> about 12 years.

>> seems like 20. and his dad, oh, man, great, great, great musical director. in it's time for bobbie's buzz. come on.

>> so this week i have some fun eye-openers for you. this is a first look at an exclusive and there's mascara has a makeover. avon has a thing called mega lash. you pop off the cap. and then bend the handle and like a paintbrush. so you apply mascara straight on. this says it helps lift the lashes at the same time while applying mascara. so avon, kudos to you. very clever.

>> such a smart idea.

>> and it's so hot, it just launched. there's a huge waiting list. they'll ship next week. another clever design is nix. why don't you come in here. this is hoda's friend. so you can just help me demo this. you put your hand on this and it helps you get your hand out of the way so you can apply your eyeliner in a straighter fashion.

>> that's another brilliant thing.

>> so you can get that cat eye. this is a great ergonomic design . and then this three-tipped eyeliner. i don't know if you'll be able to see this on my hand. i tried to draw some dots. it's really small. this helps give you the illusion of longer lashes. you'll pick up your eye and just add the dots on the under side and it makes your lashes look longer.

>> and what do you have there?

>> last, but not least, a glam glow. glam glow is a really hot line at sephora. they just launched this bright mud. and these are for him or her. so guys can get in on this, according to our showed to today. pop these on your eye and after three minutes wipe off and --

>> you just get a bigger, i don't know how to say this. but the dark spots go away. when i tried it i was amazed. i looked less tired at 5:00.

>> bobbie thomas and sydney, thank you. that's a face made for television.

>> both of them.

>>> let's head over to sara haines for the baby of the week.

>> we celebrate new moms and their adorable new additions to their families. our first johnson 's baby is finley grace flickinger from atlanta, georgia. this is the first child for mark and tara and they say that finley is such a good baby that they are already considering future siblings for her. next is liam nathaniel tretten. he was born may 14th in california. his parents jennifer and andrew say liam enjoys slow dancing and long walks on the beach with his mom and dad . our next johnson 's baby is sophia joy james. she was born in iowa on june 13th to shawna and rick. little sophia's favorite thing is the sound of her big brother 's voice. it always makes her so happy. and our last baby of the week is oliver waylon leathers, born may 19th in mississippi, weighing 7 pounds and 10 ounces. his parents nathan and mary beth are enjoying every minute because he's growing so fast.

>> what happened?

>> big congratulations to all the babies. if you want a chance for your baby to appear on our johnson 's baby of the week go to

>>> it is try-day friday. we have our white gloves on. and there are some beautiful dancers over here. jubilee dancers. should we go join them. they are from bally's in vegas.

>> hello.

>> now one of them is kathryn. the other is kathy.

>> nice to meet you guys.

>> hey.

>> so first of all, ladies, you are here in new york doing auditions for other kathys to go to vegas and be a showgirl?

>> is this difficult to do?

>> pretty hard. there's lots of kicks. lots of bevels.

>> the hard thing is getting your body to look like you.

>> not going to fit hoda's head.

>> let's try it.

>> ow. that's got to hurt.

>> no, it's good. it's good.

>> okay.

>> give us some moves.

>> whoa.

>> sorry.

>> that's all right.

>> we're ready.

>> i'm going to have to do the whole show in my. give us some moves as we go to break.

>> forget it.

>> okay. go ahead. we'll stand, you kick.

>> the first thing you have to learn to do when you are a show girl is bevel properly. stick one leg in front of you. you can do little dips. cross your leg and then you do a little plie with both legs. there you go. beautiful. and always smile.

>> and always smile. always smile.

>> you always have to kick, too. we do tons of kicks in the show. you'll have to do tons of kicks.

>> oh, no, no, no.

>> thanks.

>> all right, we're going to go to break. why don't you guys show us how it's done as we go to break.

>> we're going to talk about what you argue about the