TODAY   |  July 12, 2013

Actress Busy Phillips responds baby name critics

“Extra” correspondent AJ Calloway shares the latest celebrity news and star sightings, from Busy Phillips’ good-humored response to critics of her new daughter’s name to rumors that Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez will be getting married this weekend.

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>>> this morning, tweets, sneak peeks and star sighting.

>> beyonce is flaunting her assets again while halle berry is going to say i do. a.j., good morning.

>> good morning.

>> we have to start with "sharknado." it started a whole revolution.

>> it did. it shows you the power of social media and how people can talk about something in the internet universe and it just take off. nobody knew about this.

>> i think sci-fi had been putting it out there on twitter for awhile and it sort of drove people to express and see on social media what it was all about.

>> it's a great strategy if your a network too.

>> star gazing here, halle berry , olivier martinez , her fiancee, best known for a scrap he got into last thanksgiving, they're getting married this weekend.

>> they're getting married. they flew to paris last tuesday. they brought nahla down with them. for halle this is her third. for olivier this is his first. she's 46, he's 47 and she's pregnant.

>> expecting a little boy .

>> excellent news there. brittney spears , her two boys are now stars of her new music video just released and they look so adorable.

>> they're really, really cute. i'm not just saying that because i'm expecting to be a dad soon but they're adorable. they're in the video. it's for smurfs two. they're big fans of the smurfs. she saw them after they shot everything and kevin was on set with the boys and they did well.

>> she seems to be doing well. she kept her head down the last two years.

>> yeah she looks great.

>> looks great.

>> and the video is amazing.

>> this is our photo of the week. beyonce in flaunt magazine.

>> i can't get that excited.

>> flaunting a lot.

>> she is flaunting a whole lot.

>> i can't get that excited because i joe jay well. she has glitter on.

>> just glitter and nothing else.

>> she's glittering and she is flaunting it.

>> if you got it, flaunt it. and she is a mother.

>> yes.

>> so looks like inspiration all around.

>> she's not pregnant.

>> no, she is not pregnant. she said she is not pregnant. she's on the second leg of the tour, the american side right now looking forward to a lot of stuff. actually caught the opening show in l.a.

>> amazing.

>> incredible. beyonce is incredible.

>> tweet of the week, busy phillips gave birth to a little girl , cricket is the name. it seems to have stirred a lot of opinions and passions on twitter and elsewhere.

>> that is true.

>> what are people saying.

>> people are upset about the name. but it's her child she can name her child whatever she wants to. her first child is birdie.

>> i like that. birdie and cricket.

>> i'm hoping birdie is nice to cricket.

>> it's weird people think my kids will be in therapy because of their names. guys my kids will be in therapy for lots of reasons, i'm sure.

>> they're cute names.

>> i like busy phillips .

>> i do too. our sneak peek for the weekend is the movie fruit vale station opens today. tell me about it.

>> this film has taken all the festivals by storm. it won at sun dance . it's a story of oscar grant iii. while being detained he was shot. it's really compelling. michael b. jordan buzz break through oscar buzz performance and octavia spencer is in the film as well. what are you going to name your child?

>> birdie cricket calloway, iii. i hope my wife is watching.

>> coming up next, the headlines