TODAY   |  July 12, 2013

Re-purposing bridesmaid dresses for future use

You don’t have to throw away those old bridesmaid dresses – Lilliana Vazquez from shows there is hope even for the gowns you thought you wouldn’t be caught dead in again with just a little reworking.

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>>> that's a scene from the comedy 27 dresses . a lot of us can relate. you are asked to be a bridesmaid and don't have a choice but you have to say yes to the dress. brides pick something they think they can wear again but never do.

>> good morning.

>> it's polarizing, the bridesmaids talk about how they don't like the dress.

>> they do and it's an awkward position. if you don't like it, too bad. it's not your wedding. and it's a big financial commitment for a lot of bridesmaids. especially if you're in multiple weddings. i'll show you how to get value out of bridesmaids dresses that you may love or don't love so much.

>> let's talk about liza. she wore this dress in her sorrity sisters wedding in new york.

>> it's cute.

>> it's adorable.

>> it's more modern.

>> it is. shorter length and on this particular dress we actually did no alteration. so this is a no alteration styling. what you noticed is we turned the dress into a skirt.

>> the way we did that, we added a top. so the key here is the dress has to have a seem at the natural waist and we wanted to follow the natural line of the skirt. this top, $25 from h&m. super adorable. love the floral print and had it pop with patten accessories so hot pink shoes not bridally at all. perfect outfit.

>> great job. i'm sure you'll wear this over and over again.

>> thanks. our next one is colleen. she wore this dress in her friends wedding in florida.

>> that sheer look.

>> it is. it's that long maxi look strapless. classic.

>> here's what you did to update it.

>> this was a dramatic transportation. this was about the styling and layering. layering is the easiest way to change up the look. we wanted to go for a more edgey downtown feel. a thin pleather jacket over the dress and a high-low hem line. it makes it look more of a run way inspired style versus a bridal aisle dress and it's all about the accessories here. leather, studs and gold. think outside of the box . not things you would typically wear to a wedding. perfect for a girl's night out and she looks fantastic.

>> all right. colleen, you stay there. we're going to bring out lee who was in the same wedding. has the same dress. now, this is what obviously you saw what the dress looked like. here's what you did to lee.

>> the accessories.

>> it was and a small alteration. the reason i picked these two girls because they were in the same wedding. i wanted to show how much you could do to one dress. what we did with hers is only hemmed the lining of the dress. a more modern look. makes it more wearable for daytime.

>> you're seeing that everywhere now.

>> this is all about the statement piece. gorgeous necklace under $100 and i added that because it almost looks part of the dress. it connects the dress to her neck. beautiful, have a beachy vibe to it.

>> they look great.

>> last alyssa. looks pretty to me.

>> beautiful.

>> but now it's better.

>> this was an expensive dress. over $400. didn't want to throw it away. bottom got dirty so we took off 12 inch of the dress and made it super short and injected a big bold burst of color and added really sexy shoes, a pop of color with the clutch and she can wear this again. perfect party look.

>> you know how to style it. that's for sure.

>> nice work.