TODAY   |  July 12, 2013

July 12, 2013

TODAY’s Willard Scott sends birthday wishes to special TODAY viewers.

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>> road. we wish them a happy birthday party when they meet with irene norton. 104 years old today. she likes to read the bible. reads it every single day. loves her bible.

>> robert barth. he's a good man. 100 years old today. loves beans. i mean, he is a beaner. he can eat any kind of bean you can throw at him. marxie hesler. from kansas. 100 years old. she is italian all the way. cooks italian, sings italian, is italian. love italian. they have good food.

>> connie geraci. she is 101 years old today. loves coffee. first thing and last thing at night. i love coffee too. bob wetstein from st. petersburg, florida. 100 years old today. we wish him a happy birthday . collects teapots. how about that. gerald, i always thought that was a nice name. gerald pate from sharpsburg, georgia. ever had boiled peanuts ? they love them down there. 100 years old today. makes the best biscuits in the state of georgia . back to new york where they eat