TODAY   |  July 12, 2013

Top 10 American brands: Ford, Amazon, more

BrandIndex, a company that ranks brand perception among consumers, has released their list of the American brands with the best reputations. Donny Deutsch, chairman of Deutsch Inc., discusses the rankings.

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>> when it comes to spending your dollars, which companies do you trust the most? well brand index is out with a new list of the american brands with the best reputation. we want the top ten. number ten, cheerios, kindle, youtube , walgreens and v8.

>> all right, number five, lows, the history channel , subway , amazon and the ford motor company .

>> let's talk to donny. good morning to you. this is an interesting survey but you think we should take it as a grain of salt, why.

>> the way they do it. they speak to 600,000 people and say tell me something if you heard positive or negative and it takes out a lot of brands that have passionate points of view about them. apple, love them, hate them but it's huge a huge brand. these are middle of the road brands.

>> but what you said is surprising. no apple, no google, no coca-cola which is surprising when you're talking about iconic brands.

>> iconic and relevant. the world is moving away from carbonated beverages. google, microsoft, some surprise me.

>> are you looking at these as the safest brands.

>> with kindle, with amazon, with youtube , with lowe's and subway , they're all do it yourself brand where is the consumer has control. whether it's making your sandwich at subway , choosing your own video on youtube . that's a lot of the trends going on. consumer as king.

>> if you go by your theory then, why youtube and not facebook for example?

>> when i say facebook i don't smile. when i say youtube we all think of that funny cat video or matt on the beach. it brings up something that makes us feel good.

>> history channel made the list. does that surprise you.

>> no, for two reasons. people might think it's because of the bible series they did but i think you've heard on the phone. have you heard anything negative about the history channel ? no. positive. yeah, i like history. so the consumer is trained to talk a certain way.

>> when you're answering a phone poll it makes you seem smarter.

>> you like the history channel .

>> exactly right. and subway again empowering people. you can eat healthier and lose weight but to the detriment of mcdonald's and burger kings and things like that.

>> it's a great inclusive brand. i love subway . four dollars for a great lunch. there's few brands where every demographic can come together. i'm a huge subway guy.

>> i challenge people to go to youtube and find a video of you standing in line at subway .

>> 4.13 for a six inch turkey plus a soda. 4.13 how would i know that?

>> it's true. speaking of big brands, the new york yankees fit the bill. for the 5th year in a row they're reaching out to people in need with their hope week initiative. i got a