TODAY   |  July 12, 2013

Duchess’ mom, sister expected to be at birth

The world continues to anticipate the birth of the first child of Prince William and Duchess Catherine, which is expected to be attended by the Duchess’ sister, Pippa, and mother. When the child is born, Queen Elizabeth II will be informed via a call from Prince William. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>> new rumblings out of london over the highly anticipated royal births. keir simmons is at st. mary's hospital. good morning to you.

>> good morning. this is it. in one of these very rooms, the duchess will give birth to a future king or queen. they'll walk out of that door with a newborn baby in their arms. take a look at the media already grah crammed on to the sidewalk. we don't know when the due date is exactly but it's any day now.

>> she is giving birth to a future monarch, a king or in a historic change, if it's a girl, she will be queen. so no pressure kate. and the duchess of cambridge , long seen as a fashion leader now hailed as a role model for mothers. her maternity ward is expensive but unless doctors say she needs a c section she'll have a natural birth avoiding too posh to push.

>> i'm great for her being an ambassador in normal child birth .

>> a normal birth, perhaps not. this is a royal baby. she will head from the hospital, most likely from kinsington palace. if he is at work or on the polo field , he'll arrive by helicopter. will he be the pilot or be too nervous. the announcement that she has gone into labor will be made when she is inside the hospital. others are expected to be at the hospital too. after the child is born, the queen will be the first to hear. william will call her personally. then a signed medical bulletin will be carried from the hospital through the streets of london to buckingham palace , a ride of about ten minutes that will be witnessed around the world. the declaration will be displayed at the gates of the palace as it was when william was born. though they may not have chosen a name. in london's high park the 41 gun salute will mark the arrival of a new royal generation. there's already been a rehearsal. finally, on these steps, the duke and duchess of cambridge will emerge with their new baby just as charles and diana did with william at the same hospital 31 years ago. for that first nervous drive with their newborn baby , they may head to the palace where they have a new home and where diana spent so many years with william as a young boy . in the years ahead, they'll try to give their child a normal life just as diana did for her boys in this rare footage, she and charles spent time with william and harry, just another every day family, almost. william and kate will want the same for their new child. and standing here among all the cameras you wonder how on earth they're going to give this newborn baby any sense of normality. remember that diana took harry and william to mcdonald's and to the local movie theater but the couple has to remember at the same time that at some point this baby will have to take off the baseball cap .