TODAY   |  July 12, 2013

Top 10 reasons you hate your job

Trending on the Huffington Post is a list of reasons so many people say they hate their jobs. Among the causes cited: insufficient challenges and obnoxious bosses.

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>>> trending on huffington post , linkedin, the social networking site compiled the top ten reason people hate their job. here's the top five. unhappy with their pay. four, there's too much red tape . too many rules. three, they're not being challenged with employees feeling their skills are going to waste.

>> that's a big one.

>> yeah, two, the passion is gone. living to work versus working to live. and number one, here we go, this is not a shocker. their boss stinks.

>> we love our bosses.

>> that's a big reason to get out of work. if you don't like who you're working for it's not a good thing.