TODAY   |  July 12, 2013

Stroller hit-and-run mom was ‘close to losing my son’

A Michigan mom is being credited with some very quick thinking for grabbing her son out of his stroller after a driver hit it, dragged it across the parking lot, and then sped off. Police are searching for the driver. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>>> we're back now. 7:42 and the search is on in michigan this morning for a driver that actually backed into a mother as she pushed her young son in a stroller. that child was dragged for several feet before the driver fled the scene. nbc's stephanie gosk has details on this. good morning.

>> good morning matt. parking lots can be dangerous places, especially when people aren't paying attention. this video is very difficult to watch. it's hard to imagine that no one was injured. it's even harder to imagine that the person responsible just drove away. watching 18 month old elijah run around today no one would guess he was in this video newly released by police. she leaves the store with a friend pushing the baby in a stroller. when the group briefly stops the driver of the minivan packs up smashing into the stroller and dragging it across the parking lot with him still strapped in.

>> it was carry and terrifying because i was so close to losing my son.

>> knocked to the ground herself, she still manages to chase the minivan and grab her baby.

>> i knew i had to get up and go after him and save him.

>> instead of getting out to check on the young mother and her son, the driver of the minivan races away. a hit-and-run. police are looking for this unidentified man who they believe was behind the wheel. the minivan he was driving was stolen. authorities say she and those around her handled the situation in the best way possible.

>> i applaud all involved for not trying to engage the driver and worsening the situation.

>> reporter: when the shock faded, she said she realized that she and elijah were very lucky that day. her injuries were minor. just scrapes and bruises and her son wasn't hurt at all.

>> my grandma said that someone is watching over us and it wasn't our time to go yet.

>> the brush with tragedy has given her fresh perspective on being a mother.

>> hold them close because you never know what can happen.

>> the gold minivan was found not too far from the parking lot with a cracked windshield. the driver was nowhere to be found. the police are hoping that the public now can help find him. back to you guys.

>> stephanie gosk in chicago this morning. scary for anyone to watch. imagine being there.

>> oh my gosh.

>> someone drove away.