TODAY   |  July 12, 2013

Flight data shows Asiana automated systems working

As salvage crews begin to move the wreckage of Asiana Flight 214, NTSB investigators continue to look into why the pilots struggled to line the plane up properly and failed to monitor the speed, saying that the flight data recorder shows automated systems were working properly. NBC’s Tom Costello reports.

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>> salvage crews are hard at work trying to career the run way from the debris of the crash of asiana flight 214 . tom costello is there again. good morning tom.

>> good morning. they have been working all night and a few minutes ago they managed to put apart a big chunk of the front of the aircraft. they put it on a flat bed truck and will begin trucking it away. but they have to pick up the tiniest pieces of debris off of this run way, repair the landing lights and match the asphalt to get this back up and running at full throttle .

>> from the ntsb, dramatic foe toes from the debris of flight 214 including rocks and bolders and this photo showing the extensive fire damage in the economy section of the plane. had passengers not escaped as quickly as they did, the number of dead and injured would have surely be higher. in soele some of the light attendants returned home.

>> we're lucky to come home but there's still colleagues left in san francisco . breaks my heart when i think about them.

>> salvage crews have begun moving the wreckage. they are hoping to repair and reopen run way 28 left by sunday and monday. meanwhile they're looking into why the pilots struggled to line-up properly for landing and then failed to monitor their air speed say the flight data recorder show the planes engines and operating systems were working properly at the time of the crash.

>> there's no abnormalities behavior.

>> did the crew know how to use the automated systems? that's important because they said the auto throttle didn't kick in and boost their speed when they started to stall but that's not designed to do that if the auto throttle system believes you are preparing to land and you already configured the plane to land.

>> tom costello in san francisco ,