TODAY   |  July 11, 2013

Is Willow Smith’s new music video too sexy?

The 12-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith released a new music video and single titled “Summer Fling” that has some moms and fans outraged.

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>>> also trending this morning a new music video from willow smith the 12-year-old daughter of will smith and jada pinkett smith . some are asking is this too sexual for a preteen? here is e!'s jason kennedy .

>> reporter: it starts innocently enough with holding hands, but in no time a 12-year-old singer willow smith is using a very adult expression. so dwee it anyway just do it anyway

>> reporter: and that has a lot of people talking. on twitter this comment. willow smith is 12. i know that. but does she? plus, this criticism on youtube.

>> you know, summer time crush or puppy love . something like that. as opposed to a fling. i think about a one night stand .

>> the video disturbed psychiatrist carol lieberman.

>> the video is called summer fling but might as well be called molita. it is outrageous.

>> reporter: while others find nothing wrong with these scenes.

>> she is at a cool party jumping on a trampoline.

>> reporter: sporting a blonde wig and english accent .

>> nice to see you here.

>> reporter: willow's performance is completely age appropriate according to bonnie fuller of hollywood

>> i don't think willow smith is talking about having sex in the summer with some boy. i think she is talking about having a relationship or romance or a crush with some boy.

>> willow's boyfriend in the video seems much older as do many of the other kids.

>> there is nothing innocent about this video. it's clearly about sex.

>> reporter: critics question whether willow's parents actors will smith and jada pinkett smith are letting their daughter grow up too fast.

>> i don't know what willow's parents were thinking.

>> reporter: we asked the smiths for comments but their representative did not respond.

>> i don't think parents need to be concerned about their 12-year-old daughters or sons watching the video. i think if they want to have a conversation with them and use it as a conversation starter that's a great idea.

>> reporter: for "today" jason kennedy e! news.