TODAY   |  July 11, 2013

Simple meals to take to the pool or beach

Ariane Duarte from Prevention magazine shows how you can whip up easy and tasty white bean dip, tuna wraps and pre-made drinks for your next trip to the beach or pool.

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>>> you know how it is. you hit the beach or pool with the kids and after an hour or so in the water, you are starving.

>> we've got just the meals to wet your appetite. arianne, our "prevention" magazine.

>> how come you're over there having fun and i'm over here working. so we're going to give you a drink so you don't have to get up and exhaust yourself.

>> this is the most refreshing summer drink. stay away from the juice and the soda. what is this?

>> would you like me to bring you a drink, ms. gifford?

>> a little seltzer.

>> enjoy.

>> thank you. of course, kathie lee , you can always add a little --

>> oh, there's nothing in there.

>> wine if you'd like.

>> what's the point?

>> very refreshing. and --

>> relax. we'll bring you some lunch.

>> okay. what are we making?

>> a really simple bean dip. a little twist on humus. white beans, canned. i'm adding a little coriander, ground, a little garlic. a little lemon juice . and then, of course, we want some texture and more flavor.

>> pistachios.

>> scallions and cilantro. all into your food processor .

>> just pulse it?

>> pulse, pulse, pulse.

>> while we're making it, why don't you try it, ms. gifford.

>> thank you.

>> ms. hoda will serve you a nice lovely plate. little veggies. put it in the beach bag. pita chips work as well.

>> why am i over here working again.

>> i know. i know.

>> all right. next. a twist on tuna fish salad. the classic.

>> this is great.

>> we're going to do -- why don't you soak this for me. we'll do a tuna fish wrap.

>> these are cool. what am i soaking?

>> like a tortilla. you can use the tortillas. these are rice paper wraps. but tuna in a can. a little light mayo. parsley. scallions. celery, carrots. because you want always a little texture in there.

>> uh-huh. so we're going to mix that up. a little salt and pepper .

>> how long do you soak that?

>> it's probably ready.

>> look at the rice paper . that's cool. and it's nice and it's so -- 120 calories for one serving.

>> so you put it right on there?

>> hungry.

>> oh, you know what?

>> you know what? we've created a monster.

>> oh, would you like some lunch?

>> yeah!

>> i'm going to --

>> whatever.

>> these are wraps of some sort she said.

>> thank you.

>> she's still talking. i'm sure it's perfect.

>> is it good?

>> uh-huh.

>> and again, wrapping them up. see how simple that is? take it to go. pack them up.

>> delicious.

>> are they delicious?

>> delicious. come with us.

>> 120 calories for those.

>> the rice paper ones are --

>> you're going to love them.

>> thank you so much. coming up tomorrow, our guy panel tries something new and takes on some women.

>> yep.

>> plus the outfit men want