TODAY   |  July 11, 2013

Pamper your pet with a luxury hotel

Nilou Motamed from Travel + Leisure magazine discusses a new breed of pet hotels where your dogs and cats can enjoy days of relaxation and pampering with you or by themselves.

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>> it is time for today's pets. today we're taking your furry friend on vacation to some of the best hotels with quite a discerning pedigree.

>> instead of paying for dogsitters when you are away like hoda or skipping vacation all together you can bring them along.

>> lul su the feature director for "travel & leisure" magazine. some great destinations.

>> i have a feeling this segment is not going to go well.

>> these dogs are so happy to be on set.

>> hen reerk not bambino, by the way.

>> this is definitely not blake.

>> what i love about hotels these days is not only are there boutique hotels for you and your dog but ones just for your dog.

>> there he goes. and henry wants to go to one.

>> he wants to go to paradise for paws. this is a chain that does sweuites for dogs. they even have an area for cats. they do pawdicures. there isn't a pun these people have not liked. they have two of them in chicago.

>> they are doing aerobics.

>> yoga.

>> that is crazy.

>> pricey?

>> not pricey. reasonable. kennels are expensive. this is the next, next level of boarding your dog. the d pet hotel. one in hollywood. one in chelsea. right here in new york. they have something called the uber suite. sara.

>> it comes with a 42-inch tv in the suite.

>> pretty soon they'll have the doggy channel on all the time.

>> can't wait for that.

>> they also do body wraps for your dog. they have a chauffeur service and on and on. what if you want to go with your dog.

>> what is happen with this dog i'm holding. i mean, what is it?

>> he is fascinated by what's going on right now.

>> go on.

>> and covers you in a sweet way.

>> if you want to go with your dog, the affinia hotels. the last two winners of the westminster dog show , the gheft show have stayed there. they have workout area for your dogs. they have vi paws program. you pay $25 but a portion of it goes to the humane society .

>> indigo hotels in asheville. they are not approved just for dogs. monkeys if you have them. so justin bieber could use that for his pet monkey or pet pigs can --

>> okay. so george clooney could take his pet pig there.

>> does he still have it?

>> i don't ask anymore.

>> and i think the full