TODAY   |  July 11, 2013

Aunt and niece tear up over their makeovers

Hair stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin give makeovers to an aunt and niece from Florida. Aunt Cyndy lost more than 100 pounds thanks to her niece Connie, who helped her establish a healthy lifestyle.

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>>> we're back with more of "today" on this thirsty thursday. and we are ready to reveal our plaza ambush makeovers to the two lovely ladies from our crowd.

>> they were given head to toe makeovers. louis licari la, la, la, la, la

>> and "today" contributor and contributing editor for people style watch jill martin. very special ambush makeover today.

>> jill and i were instantly drawn to the most compelling sign that just was a touch of the story. the tip of the iceberg . wait until you hear it.

>> amazing woman.

>> our first lovely lady is cindy joyce, 61 years old from jupiter, florida. cindy once weighed more than 300 pounds. she was actually in a wheelchair because of her weight. she was extremely inactive but 18 months ago she moved in with her niece connie who has changed her diet, made her a lot more active. she currently has lost 114 pounds and connie says -- she says connie saved her life. so in the past she says cindy said her weight wanted her to stay inside. now she's getting much more confident. let's listen to her story.

>> a lot of tears but today is a day of celebration because you've come a really long way just for this.

>> yes, i have. a long way.

>> a long way. because we're celebrating today. 112 pounds. what has this journey been like for you?

>> it's been long. it's been tough but well worth it. it's giving me a life.

>> she gave up her wheelchair and her walker. so what is this like for you to see her after all your hard work.

>> it's great. couldn't be better. just great.

>> well, we are going to give you a whole new look. no more tears. what do you think?

>> thank you so much. it's awesome. it's great.

>> thank you so much.

>> so cindy is here with her nephews peter and harrison. her two nieces and connie will be the one we'll reveal in a little bit. keep your blindfolds on. cindy , let's see the new you. come on out.

>> oh, my!

>> come out a little bit further. stay right here. right there. okay, you guys. ready to see cindy ? take off your blindfolds.

>> wow!

>> oh, my god!

>> okay. this is going to be big. are you ready?

>> yeah. deep breath. turn right around.

>> oh, my! wow!

>> it doesn't look anything like me.

>> it looks exactly like you. this is you that's been hiding in there. spin right around. right there. my gosh! wow. tell us about it.

>> number one, we softened the hair color . her hair color was just a little bit harsh. i did try to tone down the red. and added the pinch of gold to her hair. and a great thing here is the highlights. and the flirtatious bangs and the way it shapes her face and looks so perfect with her weight loss .

>> what do you think?

>> she looks amazing.

>> beautiful. even more.

>> so happy for her.

>> i love the outfit, too.

>> these pants they brought. these were a size 28 that she wore before.

>> you look so good.

>> you were down to a 14. now you're down to a 12.

>> here's what we're going to do. we're going to have you stand over there with your family and turn your back so you won't be able to see our next adorable person. and that is connie martin. connie is 50. also from jupiter. she says she and her aunt cindy have been eating healthy together and helping her aunt to live life to the fullest. biggest coach and cheerleader. we're giving connie a chance to look and feel her best also with a glam makeover. let's hear her story.

>> well, i know it's so important for you to thank connie for doing all of this for you.

>> yes, it is. i couldn't have done it without her. she wouldn't let me quit. she kept on me. she kept not letting me give up when i got down. she encouraged me. she made sure i had everything i needed and just -- i couldn't have done it.

>> well, congratulations to you too. it must be amazing for you to see cindy like this.

>> i knew we could do it. good food, hard work, exercise. it happened.

>> this is going to be an exciting day for everyone. i know you're ready for this.

>> i am so ready. we are so ready.

>> that's what it takes, an attitude like this. she's her with her son, her peter and aunt cindy . don't take those off until we tell you. let's take one last look at connie before and bring out the new connie martin.

>> oh, my god. wow! all right. all right. you guys ready?

>> yes.

>> you can look now. cindy --

>> oh!

>> they are seeing each other for the very first time.

>> unbelievable.

>> oh, my god. you're gorgeous.

>> i love your hair.

>> i like yours.

>> oh, my.

>> thank you.

>> wait. you have to see yourself first.

>> we're going to need those kleenex please.

>> thank you.

>> don't ruin your gorgeous makeup.

>> it is so beautiful. she wanted it more sophisticated, professional and glamorous look.

>> oh, god.

>> more appropriate for her job and not like one of the --

>> there you go. work it, girl. work it.

>> obviously, we released a whole new sexual being as well.

>> did i say that?

>> no, we did. you look fantastic.

>> oh, my god.

>> family, you guys love?

>> gorgeous.

>> you put her in a beautiful, beautiful dress.

>> and look at her body, too. we want to celebrate that. this is from maggie