TODAY   |  July 11, 2013

Jane Lynch: ‘Game Night’ will have you ‘shouting’ at TV

The actress talks about her newest project, “Hollywood Game Night,” which features celebrity guests helping contestants try to win cash, and has Natalie and Willie compete in one of the games featured on the show.

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>> and jane lynch joins us. good to see you again.

>> good to see you too. you see the reference level isn't very high. you know mustache and your condiments you're good.

>> that's the thing. when i first saw the promo i said, yes. i'm in because everybody has played these games at home. with your family or friends. you have a couple drinks. we can all play immediately.

>> exactly. you can scream at your television and go why don't you know that silly answer?

>> seeing the celebrities compete is even more fun. i imagine it gets pretty hairy.

>> it does. you have the sparkling, bright light people. six in a room and they're going at it.

>> for people who don't know a lot about the show you get a bunch of your friends. big name celebrities in a room. kind of your cocktail party with sean hayes as well.

>> right.

>> what are some of the games? what was that word association kind of thing?

>> kind of like a shcharades thing. take a hint is what it is called. there are also two civilians, two normies we call them, regular people we mix in with the celebrities and by the end of the first round you can't tell the normies from the celebrities. everybody is just at it to win. we'll play a couple games what you're going to do, this is a game that we call celebrity. you know this. you have 30 seconds to get natalie to guess the celebrity. give as many clues as you want. there is a finite number of celebrities.

>> without saying the name.

>> of course. here are your celebrities. can i have 30 seconds on the clock please? willie geist , go.

>> just peas in a bucket.

>> justin bieber.

>> child. little girl . reality show . terrible first clue. most famous talk show host of all time. global icon. one name.

>> oprah winfrey . oprah.

>> yeah. the news across the street every night at 6:30. secretary of state former secretary of state. greatest basketball player of all time, bald, chicago.

>> shaquille o'neal-no, michael jordan .

>> yes.

>> got it. i got it in.

>> willie geist you won because you gave six correct clues and six correct answers. not bad. you were exceptional, willie.

>> this was without boos. on your show there are boos.

>> i see some favoritism. do you show favoritism?

>> absolutely.

>> i just like some people better than others. i figured you out.

>> jane lynch . go to jane lynch on broadway, annie. how fun is that?

>> my birthday is the last day which is sunday. please come out to the impala theater happy birthday .

>> thank you so much.

>> so good to see you.

>> watch the series premiere of hollywood game night tonight at 10:009:00 central on nbc. they'll do a lot better than we did.