TODAY   |  July 11, 2013

How to take trends from runway to everyday

Every season, new fashion trends hit the stores that seem tricky to pull off, but Lindsay Huggins and Jaclyn Emerick of Self magazine show of just a few fitness moves that will make it easy to wear some current styles with confidence.

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>> hot -- that is you.

>> that's me. you start seeing a lot of crop tops, mini skirts and dresses on store racks but do you think there is no way i can pull those off?

>> all the time. we'll show you how to wear them with confidence with the help of lindsay huggins "self-" magazine editor and jacqueline emmerich. good to see you.

>> good to see you.

>> these are a lot of trends that a lot of us especially in our later years, 40s or whatever, would not think to wear. but you're going to tell us we can do this.

>> you can absolutely wear them. it is all about having the right outfit, fitness moves, and you'll be super confident.

>> let's get started with the bare midriff. as you tell us what april here is wearing.

>> yes. she has on a great corset top and very chic, sophisticated black pencil skirt . what i love is it is a high waist so, again, not showing the belly button . not over exposed. it is a really great summer look.

>> a lot of people wear that look who maybe shouldn't wear that look?

>> absolutely.

>> i see some of that.

>> it can get '90s in a bad way. keeping it with a high waisted skirt, not too much skin. not over exposed.

>> keeping the belly button covered is key. jacqueline , as fitness editor you're going to show us some moves to help tighten our core.

>> jacqueline is going to do the medicine ball twist. if you want firm, flat abs, this is what to do. you go from side to side. knees bent on the floor and twisting left to right.

>> how much should you do this? how many repetitions?

>> i would say you would probably do maybe three to ten reps.

>> okay. depending how much you can tolerate.

>> exactly.

>> if you want to wear bare midriff then ul dethat a lot.

>> for sure. absolutely.

>> let's move to the next trend. this is the open dress worn by stephanie. the open back. you're seeing a lot of that. some skin.

>> super sexy. this is something you can save for girls night out or date night. what i love about this look is it is a poppy color. keep in mind, ladies, really important style tip is that you want to have on a backless, strapless, self-adhesive bra. we have a new bra here.

>> okay.

>> $69. this is going to give you comfort and support.

>> okay. and you can wear this to the office?

>> absolutely not. if you're going to wear it to the office put a blazer over it.

>> or a sweater.

>> this is the parachuter. she is going to lie face down, arms out in front of you and holding a dumb bell in each hand lifting the legs off the floor and pulling the arms back. you see how she is drawing the shoulder blades together. this gives you super sexy sculpted back muscles.

>> lots of repetitions of those.

>> exactly. also you'll see results in about two weeks for all of these exercises okay. looking good. all right. jacqueline , come on and move over with us as well. our next trend is the short skirt. you see a lot of the micro minis which is something i haven't worn since i was maybe in my early 20s.

>> you can definitely do it. what gives you confidence is notice we paired her in a flat sandal. if you're wearing a high heel and something super short again you feel really over exposed. also you want to balance the amount of skin that you're showing. notice her arms are covered which is great. so again, balance it all out.

>> absolutely. jacqueline , show us the move here for the legs, the thoois.

>> this is the weighted squat. this is going to tone your cavs and trim your inner thoois. notice how she is coming up on the balls of her feet. this is the key to toning and getting things tight.

>> she does look good.

>> she looks great.

>> the last one really quickly we have the sheer look.

>> this is something that is appropriate for day time and what i love about this is that it is a great pop of color and also notice the undergarments. you have to have on the perfect slip underneath matching so she is safe and sexy.

>> this you can definitely see through it.

>> absolutely.

>> not talking about sheer in other places.

>> no. there is sheer in blouses and also skirts but it is about what you pair underneath and that confidence factor.

>> okay. jacqueline , show us the move as we go out to a break.

>> great. this is the spicy burpee, a boot camp class move.

>> oh, wow. pretty awesome.

>> lindsay and jacqueline , ladies, thanks