TODAY   |  July 11, 2013

Adam Richman visits wildest tailgates on ‘Fandemonium’

The man who has battled different flavors of the world in “Man V. Food” and crowned the best sandwich in America talks about his newest Travel Channel venture, “Fandemonium,” which shows super-fans in the U.S. and Canada celebrating their passions with over-the-top tailgating.

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>>> he has battled it out with the left of them taking on larger than life competitions. talking about adam richmond from man versus food fame.

>> he also set out to find the best sandwich in america and now is on the quest to find the ultimate super fan on a new show called fandemonium where he'll hit massive tailgating parties across the united states and canada . good to see you.

>> good to see you as well.

>> we're not just talking about the tailgating we've come to know behind the truck at a parking lot at a ball game . this is a whole different animal.

>> beyond. this is really where like fan passion, ingenuity, and really just the desire to be part of something larger than yourself. these all sort of mesh in the most unlikely places. i've seen fans just do things that you never, ever could have thought a party could be, a food could be, and it's mind blowing.

>> having been to all of these different fandemonium type places across the country what was the best of the best ?

>> you know, it's tough to say best of the best , like who do you love better, mom or dad? i am a bit of a geek. so the opportunity to go to the renaissance festival .

>> i love that.

>> was awesome. there was a tailgate at a renaissance festival . in full attire these guys spend six months in waxahachie, texas just south of dallas and scarborough fair . and they literally will tailgate in character, in costume. the queen's own highlanders, the sea hawk society. they will spend months on their costume, tens of thousands of dollars on an individual costume.

>> you didn't spend a lot on yours.

>> no. clearly not. in my heart i was wearing --

>> they go out in the parking lot and get lubed up on like mead before the fair starts?

>> loke. like ever clear and --

>> okay.

>> clearly have to have the right gear. i'm not sure these chairs qualify.

>> that is a popular chair the one you're sitting in. everybody has that.

>> definitely the standard. the factory standard here. for beer.

>> what is this thing called love in a cup?

>> love in a cup is a construct. this was the original. this is a mexican variation on it. but this right here is love in a cup. it's from an event called trucks gone wild at the red neck yacht club in punta goredda. it is literally the entire barbecue experience.

>> my gosh.

>> cole slaw , pork, collards, sauce, corn bread .

>> i am in love.

>> it's all the flavors you want and it's portable. i think that is the thing with any real great tailgating experience i've learned is these fans have found ways to take the entire barbecue meal and make it portable. this is a recipe that actually i just saw the calgary stampede , it's roasted corn on the grill with jalapeno and bacon wrapped right on the corn and this one is from memphis in may. this is a skewer inspired by the shed in ocean springs , mississippi. and it is a steak interwoven with slices of red pepper .

>> my gosh. wonderful. bike with a blender? a perfect margarita?

>> yes. please allow me to serve you.

>> what happens?

>> you peddle and actually a guy was doing this shirtless in 15 below weather. i guess the margarita helps. yeah. you peddle and i guess it's green energy .

>> a good margarita. then what exactly is foaling?

>> well, tailgate gaming.

>> that is a classic.

>> yes. corn hole is a classic.

>> okay.

>> but this is folding. this is from the infield of the 500 and there are two boards and you just try to knock down pins with --

>> you roll it?

>> you throw it.

>> you throw the football at bowling pins?

>> how far am i?

>> you get back. go back.

>> way back. usually you're behind your pins and throwing it at another set of pins.

>> see how far i can get. that's terrible. i'm saving it for you, willie.

>> gee whiz .

>> once i knock it down somebody has to put the pins back up.

>> there.

>> picked up the spare.

>> all i can do is this shuffle.

>> great replica. thank you.

>> that's fun. i want to play that game at home.