TODAY   |  July 11, 2013

Justin Bieber apologizes to Bill Clinton for remark

The pop superstar was caught on camera squirting a water bottle at a photo of Bill Clinton, cursing his name. Bieber has since apologized to the former president and offered to assist him with his Clinton Global Initiative.

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>>> trending on e why was justin bieber on the phone apologizing to bill clinton ? a video online shows the pop star in a new york restaurant spraying a picture of the former president with cleaning liquid then cursing his name and all for apparently no reason. on wednesday the 19-year-old bieber phoned president clinton to apologize. he even offered to help out at the clinton global initiative . e! is reporting clinton was understanding about it, encouraged the star to focus on the good he can do for the world. obviously as we all know bieber has been in the news lately sometimes for the wrong reasons including disputes with neighbors and the papparazzi. i sat down with his mom, patty, who just wrote a book about those headlines and asked her.

>> i talk to justin. you know, i text him and call him every day. as much as you can with an adult child that doesn't live with you. he knows what i think. he knows -- we talk and he knows what i think.

>> such a mom response.

>> he knows what mom thinks.

>> some growing pains here.

>> yes.

>> and acting out maybe at the same time.

>> yes.

>> i think he is in a weird, transitional period in his career and life.

>> and hard to grow up in the spotlight.

>> with everyone watching. absolutely.