TODAY   |  July 11, 2013

Teen injured while parasailing to leave hospital

Alexis Fairchild, one of the Indiana teens seriously injured when they struck a building while parasailing in Florida, is scheduled to be released from the hospital today. The family of the other injured girl, Sidney Good, says she continues to show improvement. TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>> let's begin this half hour with the very latest on that frightening parasailing accident in florida we've been following. one of the indiana teenagers who suffered serious injuries is now ready to head home.

>> we received notice that we were going to be leaving.

>> reporter: encouraging news this morning for michael fairchild . just 11 days after a parasailing accident in panama city , florida left his daughter alexis seriously injured, fairchild says she will be released from the hospital today, headed back home to indiana.

>> heading to indianapolis for rehab and she'll probably be spending probably about a week or two there. for in patient and time on out patient. overall for what she has been through her spirits are pretty good.

>> alexis and her friend sidney goode, both 17, were parasailing july 1st when the tow rope snapped. helpless, they drifted into a condominium, hit some power lines , and slammed into the cars below. much of the frightening ordeal was caught on cell phone video.

>> i was in a state of shock .

>> sidney 's father described the terrifying moments finding out his teen was hurt.

>> i said, what's going on? he said, dad, the rope broke. and then that's when it set in. it was a nightmare.

>> reporter: alexis and sidney were rushed to the hospital in critical condition. both girls needed brain surgery .

>> devastated. you don't expect to see your kid in that state.

>> reporter: michael fairchild says he is now eager to get his daughter home.

>> i just am so happy we're where it is today. even the doctors have said they can't believe with the injury that she is out walking as soon as she is.

>> michael fairchild says he plans to drive alexis home today. sidney 's father meanwhile says she is showing improvement following neck surgery on monday but there is no word yet on when she'll be released from the hospital. just such a scary story .

>> that they are doing as well as they are. thank you.