TODAY   |  July 10, 2013

5 bizarre side effects of working out

Lauren Gelman from Reader’s Digest and Dr. Alexis Colvin from Mount Sinai Medical Center explain why you might experience a runny nose or hives after working out, and what you can do to prevent these strange side effects.

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>>> if you've been looking for any reason not to go to the gym, well, that's what we're here for.

>> all right. apparently exercise does some bizarre things to your body, like causing you to break out in hives or you get a stabbing pain in your side.

>> and "readers digest" covers these issues.

>> welcome, ladies.

>> we should point out we're not telling people do not exercise, we're kind of showing red flags that may pop up as you do.

>> exactly. exercise is one of the healthiest things you can do every day. we're trying to troubleshoot the things that can keep you from working out.

>> one thing called the leaky faucet, when your nose is dripping while you're working out.

>> in the middle of spinning class and your nose starts running and you're trying to wipe it on the sleeve or towel and what's happening is you're breathing more through your nose and your nose dries out.

>> what should we do?

>> carry a bunch of tissues or ask your doctor for prescription for a nasal spray that you can spray before you workout to prevent it from leaking on you.

>> nothing wrong with that, it just happening.

>> your body is trying to protect you. doesn't happen to me if i'm in a gym.

>> they think pollution may play a role, too, air quality .

>> sometimes when you're running you get the side stabbing in your ribs, oh, my god, what is that, you want to stop and walk. what is that?

>> most annoying things that can happen to runners, it's your diaphragm spasming from breathing heavily.

>> what should you do, just stop?

>> take a rest, slow it down, slow down your breathing, stretch out, but honestly happens more when you're not in shape or starting to workout again, so as you get more physically active, it should go away.

>> okay. there's something i've seen when people work out, their face turns bright, bright red .

>> you're afraid they are going to have a heart attack.

>> this is really a total normal thing. it's your body's way of cooling down during a workout, so your blood vessels in your face are dilating.

>> people that don't sweat a lot, they are the ones their face gets real, real red.

>> it's a total, natural thing.

>> something to be worried about?

>> what your body is doing is trying to release heat so it's opening blooz vessels. spray yourself with water.

>> when do you know there's a problem when you're overheat something.

>> if you're getting really hot, you feel you might faint, you're sweating a lot, outside particularly in weather like this, it could be a sign of heat exhaustion .

>> what if someone were to break out in hives when they were working out? i would stop working out immediately.

>> sounds like the oldest excuse in the book, you could be allergic to exercise, sometimes it's true. it can make you break out in a red rash.

>> you should see your doctor for it to make sure there's nothing else going on.

>> what else could cause such a thing?

>> could be allergic to something in the environment causing hives, but if everything checks out okay, you can hold it off by trying to exercise in a colder environment.

>> lastly, if you are running, walking, whatever, and have to run to the restroom all the time and you're in a panic, is there an issue happening there?

>> it's a little bit of an embarrassing issue, runners don't like to talk about it, but it's surprisingly common, people call it runners trots. and basically what's happening is for a long runner, even a long walk, your body is moving blood away from your digestive track.

>> thank you, ladies, for joining us.

>> not going to get a cure?

>> no, live with it. it's called pepto.

>> water and avoid fatty foods.

>>> tomorrow, country star and former hootie and the blow fish darius rucker is with us.

>>> plus, meals you can pack up for a day at the beach.