TODAY   |  July 10, 2013

Daisy Fuentes: Kids on ‘La Voz’ are ‘so honest’

Television personality Daisy Fuentes is the host of Telemudo’s singing competition “La Voz Kids,” and tells Kathie Lee and Hoda that the competition brings out the young contestants’ excitement and honesty.

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>>> thank you, daisy girl . cuban born beauty, and boy is she, daisy fuentes got her start as a weather girl 30 years ago.

>> 30?

>> you are fermenting beautifully.

>> so are you.

>> now she is back where it all began. daisy is the host of the number one rated show on telemundo. a spanish-language spinoff of "the voice."

>> so nice to see you.

>> it's a jackpot again, look at you.

>> she always does. you know why, she's a nice person.

>> what's it like with kids, emotions have to run high.

>> we had our own kids voice a couple of years ago.

>> it was tough.

>> it's hard to say no to a child.

>> they are so honest. they show you everything in their face. everything that they are feeling, their excitement and then when they are let down. you're right there with them.

>> they sob and breakdown. their parents hate you.

>> you're wearing mascara, just a mess. no, it's such a fantastic show anyway, and now you add children, takes it to a whole other level. your emotions, the level of surprise on the show is amazing.

>> how do you find these kids? they are very talented, the ones you have. how do you find them?

>> very talented. they all come from the u.s. we held auditions and i think like 6,000 kids showed up. they were only able to see, like, 3,000, and only 120 make it through. when you start seeing the blind auditions, you're already seeing the best of the best .

>> exactly. are we going to talk about a wig line for you?

>> i have a wig line.

>> you're not wearing a wig.

>> no, i'm not now, but i wear the clip-on bangs and extensions and the wigs for photo shoots .

>> we have jerry here. jerry and jimmy.

>> oh, my gosh!

>> they look sexier than they ever have.

>> they do.

>> need a little something here.

>> you do need a little wax.

>> spinal tap.

>> by the way, the hair does look so natural, right?

>> feels natural.

>> curtains don't match the carpet.

>> hoda's face.

>> thanks, guys, for modeling for us.

>> the drapes don't match the carpet.

>> thank you, that was really fast.

>> airs sunday nights at 8:00/7:00 central on telemundo.

>> thank you.

>> god bless .

>> thank you.