TODAY   |  July 10, 2013

What?! Toilet doubles as donation drop box

TODAY’s Sara Haines shows off a handful of funny photos sent in by viewers such as a sign that offers “unsweatened” tea and an outdoor toilet that’s promoted as a donation drop box.

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>>> it is wednesday, you know what that means -- what the what.

>> time to take a look at all those photos that make you do a double take and double over in laughter. sara has the best of the bunch, we hope.

>> first our caption contest. last week we asked you to submit what you thought was going on here. evette says, you are a way better date than that shih tzu down the street. we'll reveal next week's photo at the end, but the first photo comes from joe karen. shasta soda flavors. kind of an awkward abbreviation there. mary from richardson, texas, submitted this photo. unsweat tea.

>> just ruined my whole thirst. next up a photo from judy from columbus, ohio. flush it right down here, we'll take anything you got.

>> they did that on purpose and it's very funny.

>> one man's -- never mind. finally, this photo.

>> better than sex, a dessert restaurant.

>> that's right. it's better than --

>> dessert. some people would prefer to have dessert.

>> i would eat dessert. can't you tell? here's our new photo for the caption contest next week from cindy overman. seriously? come on. i take a fish, you take a foot. let's do this.

>> that is so precious.

>> go to our facebook page, you guys, and submit your pictures and maybe we'll choose you.