TODAY   |  July 10, 2013

KLG, Hoda congratulate Meredith on new show

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb give Meredith Vieira a shout-out after she announced a new syndicated talk show she’ll host in 2014. The ladies also chat about whether they’d get DogTV for their pups.

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>>> hello, everybody. by that we mean you. it's wines day wednesday, it's july 10th . we're delighted you're with us today. people have choices you know, hoda. they could watch other stuff, but they don't. especially those college kids out there.

>> we love them. love you guys.

>> tweet us, please.

>> i'm only going to complain for one second, then we can start the show.

>> about the bills that are coming in?

>> no, not that. yesterday i had a honor to speak at the national journalism conference, press club in d.c.

>> they still consider you a journalist?

>> sort of. look at these kids. great. had a great time.

>> fresh faced and eager and want our jobs.

>> let me tell you something, i landed just in time to give the speech, was supposed to be on a 5:00 flight home out of d.c., perfect, made the flight at quarter to 5:00, got on the plane, off we go on to the runway. i'm like, this is so perfect. i'm going to be home for dinner, la, la, la, la, la. then what happened was, they said, there's a little bit of a ground delay. we're going to stop here for a second. we're going to turn off the engine so we don't burn a lot of gas. click. the engine could not be restarted. we were on the runway. they had to bring jumper cables . it took an hour. it was 100 degrees on the plane because there was no power so the doors were open. remember how hot it was? okay. they bring the jumper cables , jump the plane, yeah.

>> you can jump the plane?

>> yeah, oh, we're ready to go, let's go.

>> la, la, la, la, la.

>> no, we have to go back to the gate for the maintenance guy to check it. we go back to the gate, there's a plane parked at the gate, fine, we wait patiently.

>> oh, my gosh!

>> we get to the gate, wait a second, passengers, there's now a ground delay at laguardia for an hour and a half.

>> did they start serving booze at this point?

>> they gave granola bars and water.

>> nobody wants that.

>> nobody was interested in that.

>> it's happy hour already and a granola bar ain't going to make anybody happy.

>> you know what i thought about, you said something that was really telling and important for all of us, not just for me.

>> i always try to.

>> life isn't how you act, it's how you react. you said how you act is one thing. you can come to your job, say good morning, give to the poor, but the minute someone cuts you off in traffic, that's the real you. i was thinking of that when i was sitting there, because i started to go crazy in my head. someone move this bag of bolts up in the air.

>> so i can get my egyptian -- home.

>> that's what i wanted to do. bottom line was everyone was really calm. i was so surprised.

>> really?

>> i was the one who was probably the most --

>> because you're a mother now.

>> my dog had to go. he had to go.

>> also because you know how much it's going to cost to get your dog walked one more time.

>> i had no idea.

>> the bills are coming in. hoda says -- ah!

>> if you say i'm stuck, can you come, they do come, then they charge a late fee for booking it late.

>> of course.

>> it's quite the hefty bill. any who.

>> you have to sell that house to pay for your dog.

>> all right.

>> you had no idea how expensive motherhood is.

>> no idea.

>>> we're so excited for our friend meredith vieira . this is so, so clever of her. she's getting her own new talk show , guess what it's going to be called. the meredith vieira show.

>> she claims she didn't want it, but bologna, we know meredith .

>> yes. katie was taken, she said, that was funny, and ellen. now she could have oprah . oprah 's gone.

>> you know what, you're right. call in oprah . she'll get lots of viewers.

>> a lot of viewers. oh, she's back.

>> she's changed a little.

>> premier in the fall of 2012 . i predict a big hit . here's the thing about meredith , this is what she has that lots of people think they can do with a lot of people like meredith do, they are lacking the authenticity chip, you know, they try to be like meredith , but they aren't authentic. she is completely and totally herself. what you see is what you get and people have come to love who she is, because that's who she is.

>> starting in 2014 , you have to wait a long time, but it's coming. in the fall. all right, so every year, if you don't read espn magazine -- if you don't read espn magazine .

>> i don't on a regular basis, but you might want to look at this one, it's called the body issue.

>> it's the naked athletes. it must be the biggest selling, we're guessing.

>> look here.

>> let's live here.

>> 77-year-old -- that's frank's body, actually, with gary player 's head on it.

>> this guy's a golf legend. he's gotten the most attention out of all the bodies because he is 77. he works out a lot. does 1200 crunches every morning. he can squad 250 pounds.

>> wow.

>> any way --

>> i can squat that, too, i just can't get up afterwards. i can do it. it's the getting up.

>> he says the secret to all this is to keep your body moving , moving, moving.

>> good for him. he wants to encourage young people to take an interest in fitness.

>> we have some other bodies up here.

>> let's look at them.

>> kerri walsh jennings posed before and after her baby. that's beautiful.

>> she's the type of person that makes everybody crazy. look, she's exactly the same.

>> she is.

>> she's so tall. she's fantastic. that hits newsstands on friday if you're interested.

>>> did you know meredith 's show is coming out in september of 2014 ?

>>> people go crazy over this stuff.

>> all right. if you want to know what the number one baby girl name for 2013 , according to this new list, here's the number one name. imogen.

>> i've never heard of imogen.

>> i thought it was imma jean.

>> sweet, charlotte and harper. okay.

>> boys?

>> boys names, asher is number one, finn is number two, declan, from that show --

>> on another network.

>> what is that show?

>> revenge.

>> and django. which was incredibly violent.

>>> okay, if you've been --

>> makes cody and cassidy sound normal and boring, doesn't it?

>> yeah.

>> i got a lot of flak to call my kids that. it's a frick'n wild west show .

>> a lot of people name their kids after cody and cassidy.

>>> wednesday, there's something awesome coming out for dog lovers, it's called dog tv. this is so crazy. it's a channel on directv that you play for and your dog can watch other dogs having fun.

>> while your dog's in a crate.

>> i mean --

>> then you can get your dog a psychiatrist because your dog is unhappy.

>> you know what's funny about dog tv, i have the tv on all the time in my apartment because i want blake not to feel lonely when the dog walker is not there. he doesn't notice the tv is on. it's noise coming from the screen, but the one time he responded was in the movie "the proposal" when that little dog starts going after sandra bullock , that dog makes him go crazy.

>> you should get marley for him. remember that movie?

>> that was sad. no. no.

>> he'll be grateful he's alive. everything's relative. oh, so sad about marley, but look at me, i have a mommy and i'm in a crate. trust me on this.

>> by the way --

>> he's in a crate!

>> he's being crate trained. not like he's stuck in there.

>> 15 years he'll be in that crate.

>> i did google, because i felt bad about leaving my dog.

>> you should.

>> there's a whole online community of people who feel terrible because people have to work and can't have people sitting there with their dogs, so they said sometimes they leave in the day and feel terrible and have someone who walks in between, but they say a lot of dogs, the owners are gone during the day and then they come home.

>> how does an animal hold its bodily needs for a year or entire day?

>> they have walkers or neighbors or something. they aren't there all the time.

>> you need two dogs to keep each other company, hoda.