TODAY   |  July 10, 2013

Scottos cook up 5-ingredient summer recipes

The Scotto family demonstrates how to cook up easy and fresh meals this summer, using only chicken, penne pasta, plum tomatoes, mozzarella and arugula.

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>> very angry they came up with three amazing meals using just five simple ingredients. chicken pasta , plum, tomatoes, pasta and fresh araruggala.

>> now today, we're beginning with a caprise salad. this is with the pasta and sauteed chicken and arugula and mozzarel mozzarella.

>> it's tomatoes and mozzarella and arugula all in here.

>> an then top it off with chicken .

>> it's easy as that.

>> easy, simple not a lot of time and it's a delicious salad to make for the whole family.

>> and good left overs i would imagine as well.

>> let's get into chicken apartmeparm.

>> let's keep it simple . we talked about five ingredients. i'm sauteing a chicken and browning it on both sides and i'll place this aside and try to use the same pan and start building my tomato sauce which is going to be onions, garlic, i'll take the tomatoes, a little salt and pepper , thank you very much. cook this now for about 20 minutes . this is what it's going to look like after it's done and then we're going to build that chicken . we'll start with the chicken . add the tomatoetomatoes. add that mozzarella on top.

>> how much do you go with.

>> go the way you want.

>> and bake that until it's melted and it's done. i kept a couple of pieces of this tomato, a little left and you have pasta so here's another dish for you during the meal and add the pass to to the tomato sauce .

>> right on top. beautiful.

>> looks good.

>> back row. what are you looking on?

>> same five ingredients. natalie you're doing a great job pounding.

>> we like to tenderize the chicken .

>> two playlayers of plastic.

>> in the same pan i'm going to put garlic and anthony would you throw my pasta ? a little pasta with garlic and olive oil . so you'll finish here. i'm going to move down here.

>> now when you say you want chicken and a salad, there you go. we're going to use these ingredients raw. tomato, mozzarella and olive oil . a little lemon juice .

>> what's the right ratio.

>> 3 to 1. olive oil to lemon juice or red wine vinegar is nice. salt and pepper . mix it up and then we just top it right over our chicken cutlet and anthony could you give me some of the nice pasta . throw in a little red pepper on your pasta .

>> delicious.

>> and isn't that a wonderful meal.

>> looks beautiful.

>> great summertime meal. keeping it light.

>> keep the family happy.

>> mom do you have a favorite?

>> i make all of these recipes at fresco restaurant. so come see us.

>> absolutely. guys, thank you so much.

>> thank you guys.