TODAY   |  July 10, 2013

DIY tips for sprucing up your living room

From simple crafts to entire living room projects, making over your home can be done yourself if you have the right materials for the job. Entertaining expert Abby Larson shares easy DIY décor that looks store-bought.

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>>> have you ever wanted to redo an entire room but you don't have the money or you think it's going to look like you did it yourself?

>> all you need is inspiration and the right materials and you'll be able to fool everybody at a fraction of the cost. she is the founder of style me pretty good morning. good to see you.

>> i'm happy to be here.

>> you'll put us to the test in a second. what do you need to do first?

>> your best friends are your local craft store and hardware store . they have all of the materials you need to construct whatever project you're going to be working on.

>> you can do it yourself without making it look diy.

>> yeah.

>> that's the point. we wanted to really work in objects that felt like they were cohesive in the space. that's the challenge for you guys today. to try to find which six items we crafted in our homes with our own two hands.

>> there's only six.

>> there's only six. the rest are all store bought.

>> 45 seconds on the clock. we have to identify why.

>> natalie is good at this.

>> i am sadly not good at this but it will be fun.

>> are you ready?

>> yeah.

>> on your mark, get set, go.

>> all right. that's diy if i have ever seen it.

>> upside down diy.

>> get away from my diy.

>> um.

>> i think you made that.

>> okay. good. definitely made that.

>> don't cheat.

>> got one more. one more.

>> you guys are doing good.

>> okay.

>> oh.

>> nice work. order. good. it's not a slam dunk . i have to tell you. it's not a slam dunk but you did well. the first one you both got correct are the benches. we got these for under $200 and we removed the original fabric and with a staple gun we updated it with this really fresh fabric.

>> it looks professional done. the only thing that gave it a way a little bit was the seaming.

>> yeah and we added gold paint to dress it up which i thought was cute.

>> next up natalie, i can't believe you got this. i can't. i'm so happy. this is the trickiest one. this was actually -- i started as a vase and using a really basic lamp kit at the hardware store , it's basically this piece that holds the light and the wire in place. so we used the lamp kit to turn this very simple vase into a lamp and then made it sparkle.

>> all my years of hgtv watching paid off.

>> do you save that much money because i look at that and say i'm going to buy the lamp.

>> lamps are expensive. this was maybe a $25 project.

>> okay.

>> what else.

>> we have this painting, the abstract. this is like channelling your inner five-year-old.

>> we got that?

>> yes.

>> this anyone can do. you always think to yourself couldn't i do that? you can. we started with this gold leave and using a dark to light palate we went to down. you make sure you step back and see what's happening with the big picture but it was really easy. it took a couple of hours. we did it while watching the "today" show.

>> how about that? is that diy.

>> it's not. no that's not. that was store bought and this is the only piece on the wall that is diy.

>> yeah.

>> what about --

>> anything else here.

>> not the pillow. i'm not that good. the tray.

>> so the tray is indeed. the coasters are not. the tray is a great project. we took a basic wooden tray we found at michaels and updated it with wood that you make wooden airplanes out of and we did a great pattern. if you don't want to get that busy you can do a stripe or chevron. update it with any color you want.

>> okay. what about over here.

>> over here, up next are the vases that you both missed.

>> we missed it.

>> you made those.

>> we made that.

>> aren't they pretty and they're really, really simple. we took some cotton clothing line and just coated it with hot clue.

>> i just glanced at it. i didn't look at ip up close.

>> that looks good.

>> it's good.

>> you're picking it up and looking at it.

>> if you want to get going you can do braiding and overlapping and stuff.

>> that's beautifully done.

>> last up is the bar cart. it's diy.

>> this is.

>> yeah it's a computer desk we found for $50. we put a coat of paint on it and wheels on the bottom.

>> it's great.

>> i know this is probably my favorite.

>> this is not diy.

>> i knew it had to be something over there.

>> i thought maybe you made this beautiful blanket.

>> no.

>> you fooled us all as you can see here.