TODAY   |  July 10, 2013

How to sell your stuff for extra cash

From baseball cards to Barbie dolls, Kim Lankford of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance offers suggestions on how you can make a little extra cash on your unwanted belongings.

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>>> is your basement or attic filling up with things you never want to let go of? you might want to sell some of it to earn extra cash. this is kim langford, she is a contributing editor of personal finances. she has great rules to follow when you want to sell stuff. nice to see you.

>> thank you for having me.

>> first is a basic one, a lot of people have stuff in their attic and basement and garage. how do you know what is valuable and what isn't?

>> do research. it's so much easier than it had been in the past. go on ebay and look at the competed sales. it's not what they're trying to be sold for. so many people have wishful thinking price there is. but look at the sale values. if you see things that seem to be valuable, then go to sites that can tell you about special marketings to look for and then if it looks more valuable go to a dealer and appraiser and get them to get you price books.

>> preferably not one that wants to buy it. they'll low ball you a little bit.

>> so many people go to a dealer and say not worth much.

>> get a second appraiser. who paid just to appraise them not buy them.

>> what's this.

>> it's something called the 30 year rule . the things you played with as a kid, about 30 years later when you have some money and you can finally buy some of these things and chemothem in your office, that's when they tend to be valuable. so things like star wars action figures they're valuable now and especially the early ones from the 70s but the most valuable ones are ones you never played with. ones mint in box.

>> you need them to be in great condition if they have the box they came in, that's a really big deal .

>> this set here is worth about $500 but if you have separate ones that are well worn, they'll be 20 to $30. the set together and the box makes a big difference.

>> what else do you have that's valuable.

>> we have comic books here from midtown so are incredibly valuable. this is worth about $3,000 and this one is worth about $2,300 but there's a huge difference. these have been graded and appraised and it's very, very good condition but some of these down here are only worth about $100. they're still valuable and hold but some of the ones much younger only about 20 to $30. so a huge, huge range. you want to find an expert that can look at yours and tell you what we're worth .

>> another category, kitchen wear, costume jewelry . what's the sign of value.

>> the very valuable things are 1950s are really in style. mid century modern furniture and 1950s kitchenware. the bright color. people like the bright colors but this is kitchenware so people used it. it's going to be more valuable if it's in very good condition which is hard to find in your attic if your mom used it.

>> if savannah wants to unload her college collection of tuppe tupperware.

>> wait 30 years and see.

>> it's important if people understand the back fwrouground of the jewelry.

>> this is worth $350 because it's the complete set and the green color is rare. that's popular now. all the bright colors but also is it something from your grandmother. you can tell a story and you have pictures of her wearing it. you have a whole history. that can add to the value and authenticity.

>> sports memorabilia. are baseball cards fetching a high price?

>> sadly no. these are my sons cards but there's only a few that are valuable. a lot of them from the 50s are still valuable. mickey mantel cards. willie mays cards go from 80 to $100 but if you have it authenticated. psa is a great place to go and they'll tell you what the condition is and let you know the authenticity and that can more than double the value. willie mays card in almost perfect condition is about $300.

>> and willie geist has his collection of beanie babies here. are they worth anything?

>> sadly know. i told people paying hundreds and thousands dollars for beanie babies . people are selling 200 beanie babies for $200.

>> thank you we appreciate it.