TODAY   |  July 10, 2013

Shaun White: ‘I’m prepared' for Sochi

With just 212 days left until the start of the 2014 winter games in Sochi, two-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White talks about how he’s preparing and the new competition that has been added to the program, slopestyle snowboarding.

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>> we have a warm one on tap in new york but we're starting to think about cooler temperatures because the olympics are only 212 days away.

>> we want to say hello to one of the biggest stars. shaun white is here. really good to see you. there's less of you. you lost your long hair. we'll talk about that in a moment. but first are you getting ready for sochi?

>> i am. i'm excited. it's one of those things where everything around my life right now is focused on the olympics . so it's a good feeling that it's coming up.

>> i was reading about the year you've had. you've won just about everything you have entered. have you set any goals for yourself that you haven't achieved this year.

>> there's plenty of stuff coming up. what's fun about the olympics is there's a new discipline. every time you see me in the olympics it's been in the half pike which is what you're seeing right now but the new event is called slope style.

>> what is that?

>> a series of jumps in one run and rail features that you slide on and you make your way down and do as many tricks as you can on those jumps and it's like, you know, the new thing.

>> would you be considered one of the favorites in that as well.

>> i'm all right at it.

>> yeah. it's fun.

>> how do you think of these tricks? does it come to you in the middle of the night ?

>> it's tricks based off of other tricks. but for me, sometimes, yeah, recently, funny you say that, i recently was dreaming about snowboarding and i thought up this new rotation to put an an existing trick that i already have but it's random. mostly by mistake. you're setting out to do something and by accident you create a new trick.

>> i imagine a lot of pressure on you then.

>> a little bit but i like that. it's nice. it's something to strive for. to live up to. i like it.

>> can i -- i like the hair.

>> you like it?

>> i really do. i loved the old hair too but you look very dapper with this.

>> thank you.

>> are you digging it?

>> i like it. it was a tough call but i thought it was a good cause.

>> locks of love, right?

>> i donated it. it was 12 or 13 inches long straightened out. a lot of weight.

>> exactly.

>> there you go. good to see you. we're going to be seeing you in russia as the networks of nbc has complete coverage of the games.