TODAY   |  July 10, 2013

Choose the best diet book for you

The race to slim down this summer is heating up. With an overwhelming number of experts offering advice, TODAY nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom talks about how to know which diet will work for you.

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>>> back now at 8:45 with the skinny of the newest diets. an overwhelming number of experts are offering advice on how to beat the battle of the bulge . how do you know what will work for you.

>> from christina and kelly osbourne . they feel the pressure to shed a if you lbs.

>> i've bun weight watchers .

>> atkins.

>> the craziest is the tooth pick diet.

>> some people eat paper.

>> the baby food diet but i don't think i would try that.

>> there's no end to the number of weight loss plans out there. no carbs, no protein, liquid only diets. the choices can make your head spin .

>> s about a life still change versus a diet.

>> well madeline is nbc's diet and health editor. you did the work. you picked the best of the best .

>> these plans are safe and based on sound science and easy to follow and no quick fixes here. these are plans for the long hall.

>> okay. different categories. the first is the 5-2 bikini diet.

>> it means not 5 plus two days but seven days a week. the issue here is having a five day plan where your monitoring your calories. women about 1500 and member about 2,000 but two days a week you'll cut back and eat about 5 or 600 calories a day. you have plenty of food to eat. you space this out. this is the jump start depending upon your starting weight you could lose a half to two extra pounds a week and that adds up.

>> because of the locale ri days.

>> the ultra locaw calorie days. you can have nuts for lunch and low calorie lunch.

>> for people that think they can't go through life without pasta and bread, this can be for you. they're fiber rich and there's beans and things that give you the starchy flavor and vegetables and fruits are a large part of it.

>> the body reset diet. this is not a cleanse, or a juice cleanse. what is it?

>> every time people think about liquid plans they think about cleansing or juicing, it's not this. it's do it yourself protein shakes. it's for five days you're going to be on liquid protein shakes you make yourself with dairy based things. it's very healthy. this is to get your mind off of what am i going to eat every day just for five at as an other other foods in between for snacks but you transition to real food but this is something you can follow for a long time with two shakes or one shake along with regular food.

>> a couple more to get to. art smith 's healthy comfort. this is a book if you're a chef, a foodie.

>> there's a lot of prep and shopping and cooking which people like. it has a lot of flavors and he lost more than 100 pounds following the plans. all the recipes have how many calories preserving.

>> the last book has more to do with psychology than anything. the reasons why we eat.

>> it's connecting your mind and body. this tells you more about why you're eating instead of what you're eating and it works with most plans you can follow.

>> all right. i just elevated you to doctor. madeline, to me you are the doctor of dieting.

>> thank you.