TODAY   |  July 10, 2013

Daisy Fuentes talks ‘talented’ kids on new show

Daisy Fuentes is back on Telemundo, where she got her start almost 30 years ago, hosting their competitive reality show “La Voz Kids,” which she describes as a kids’ version of “The Voice.”

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>> all right but we want to say hello to daisy. she is back on telemundo .

>> yeah.

>> you are the host of a show doing so well. it's like the voice with little ones .

>> with little kids. approximate you're a fan of the the voice you can imagine. take the whole thing up a notch to another level. these kids are brilliant. we're down to the final 18 now and they're so intense and they're so talented but they're so honest, too. so, you know, the emotional level because they are kids and they will cry or laugh.

>> do you ever worry about that because they're so young and under such intense pressure on the show.

>> no because they are so clear about what they want to do and how important this is to them. they're not like regular little kids. in a way they are because there's times when you see they're just babies but when they're speaking about what they're doing and what they want to do with their lives they're on another level. they're very mature and very together.

>> as we mentioned, you got your start on telemundo . you used to do the weather for them.

>> i did.

>> i understand you used to kind of make up the weather.

>> i did -- you're going to show this.

>> there's a throw back. you're welcome.

>> you had a sweater too.

>> of course i did. i think i inspired his style.

>> so you would listen to the radio and repeat.

>> i would listen to the weather forecast and kind of repeat it, put it in my own words and completely make up the forecast for the caribbean. sunny.

>> 50% chance of rain. way to go.

>> well it's great to have you back on telemundo . daisy, thank you. you can catch it on telemundo sunday night at 8:00, 7:00 central.