TODAY   |  July 10, 2013

Really? Obama says his favorite food is broccoli

President Obama made a guest appearance at the Kid’s State Dinner, and was asked what his favorite food was. His response? Broccoli.

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>> july in washington when there's a broccoli brew haha. this started during the state dinner for kids. he took questions from young reporters. one asked him his favorite food. his response, broccoli . well, pretty soon the vegetable was a top trending term on twitter with many greeting the president's claim with skepticism because you may recall that broccoli of course has been quite a history in washington. president george h.w. bush banned it from air force one declaring i am the president of the united states i'm not going to eat any more broccoli . he said the way it was prepared in his house was mushy and overdone.

>> have you ever seen the president eat broccoli .

>> no but i have seen him take one bite of a burger. see, i totally believe broccoli could be his favorite. he's skinny. they're finances fanatics.

>> broccoli raw is my favorite.

>> yeah.

>> you never invited know your house.

>> so fun every summer we get out there.

>> i haven't done it. there