TODAY   |  July 10, 2013

Meredith Vieira to host new talk show

The former TODAY co-anchor is preparing to launch “The Meredith Vieira Show,” a new talk show that will debut in September 2014.

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>>> the hottest stories online meredith vieira . trend setter around here. proving it again. she has been a top search subject for the last day or so.

>> wow.

>> trending.

>> announcing that you're going to be hosting your own daytime talk show .

>> get out. are you serious.

>> nice to see you. congratulations.

>> thank you.

>> you got tired of spending time with the family? what happened.

>> they got tired of you.

>> exactly. no i took a couple of years and finally my husband said what are you going to do?

>> what do you hope the show is?

>> it really doesn't matter what i hope the show is?

>> what would you like it to be.

>> you said the three hs, the heat, the heart, the humor.

>> yeah and a lot of nudity. i think it will be good.

>> how did you come one the title. the meredith vieira show.

>> i didn't want it. they said what are you going to call it, katie? i said no. that's my name.

>> is it going to be designed like your house.

>> actually for the pilot we took all of my furniture.

>> i've never been to your house.

>> you haven't.

>> i've never been invited.

>> i've been there.

>> i have never been to the house.

>> that big holiday party.

>> every holiday party somehow you're not around.

>> but you always did it on the vacation week i took. i'm not bitter. i'm not bitter about it. never mind. let's move on. do you know that when talking about your home and your decor savannah said you're some what of a hoarder. i was like do you think all of that other stuff, that clutter.

>> i have clutter but that's my home.

>> what about the dog.

>> no but an animal every day.

>> when do you debut.

>> 2014 which is enough time for me to change my mind.

>> you'll be trending for a whole year.