TODAY   |  July 10, 2013

Dyson unveils new vacuum-mop invention

Sir James Dyson, engineer, inventor, and founder of Dyson, debuts the company’s newest invention, the Dyson Hard, which mops and vacuums simultaneously.

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>> you're trending today. can i tell you what's going to be trending in the next few days.

>> what.

>> let's meet the man right now. sir james dyson is an engineer and investor and the founder of dyson. he is known for coming up with with all kinds of cool products. good to see you welcome back.

>> good to see you.

>> before we get to your product can we say how cool it was president obama mentioned you in a commencement address not long ago about perseverance.

>> it encourages young people to know they have to and do experiment after experiment.

>> without further ado we have to know what you invented now. we're going to think why did we wait so long for this invention.

>> more and more of us have hard floors now and what you have to do is vacuum them first to get rid of the dust and then you have to mop them to get rid of the grime and that's two machines, two chores, to cords. it's a pain.

>> but you have taken care of that.

>> i've been picky about this and we have come up with something we think solves the problem.

>> let's see.

>> i'll get rid of the red. it's this.

>> what do you call it. the dyson hard and what it does is it vacuums and wipes in one path.

>> wow.

>> so we've got suction here and then a wet wipe and then suction here. so --

>> here's a good example. dog prints there on a linoleum floor.

>> yes, it will vacuum in front of the wet wipe . and the thing is the wet wipe doesn't get smoththe dust and hairs and stuff.

>> it's noisy so we won't talk to you while it's going.

>> that on the forward straight and it does it equally well on the backward straight.

>> how long can you do that without changing your wet wipe .

>> you can do a pretty large kitchen.

>> pretty good.

>> how long did it take you to develop this thing?

>> three and a half years but the key to it in my pocket is this special motor that goes at 110,000 mpr. that's four times faster than any other motor. we can get tremendous power and efficient efficientcy in a small package. that's inside here. you have the crevasses.

>> how expensive is it?

>> $239. it will clean your car and clean your stair. it will clean the cobwebs because in my other pocket --

>> do you do your own cleaning.

>> of course that's how i learn about these things so i can do all the cobwebs up here.

>> be here all day.

>> we don't do this as a commercial we do it because there's a cool factor developed to your products. when people develop cool products we'll bring those as well. thank