TODAY   |  July 10, 2013

Tropical Storm Chantal threatens flash flooding

The Weather Channel’s Mike Bettes reports on Tropical Storm Chantal, which threatens to cause flash flooding in Haiti and the Dominican Republic but is weakening on its path towards Florida and Georgia.

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>> dominican republic are feeling chantal.

>> they're telling people in low lying areas to evacuate. we'll get to mike bettis from the weather channel this morning. good morning to you.

>> we're looking at a system weakening a little bit. having said that we still have tropical storm warnings for dominican republic and haiti. flash flooding is a concern in these locations when you consider the hilly terrain. also we track this up toward the bahamas and it could get close to the united states . 45 miles per hour winds. that's weaker than yesterday at this point and it's gone past puerto rico . forward speed is around 29 miles per hour which is a quick moving storm and for that reason it hasn't gained a lot of strength. here's the projected path. past haiti, potentially hit them this afternoon. potentially weakening more but notice this by friday early morning coming early to the bahamas and keys. this could be an interesting forecast later into the weekend. notice right along the coast of florida and then potentially making a land fall into georgia. this is a part of the country that doesn't need any more rain. epic flooding already occurred this summer. any rain from this storm could cause more but heavy rain through the next few days. more on your forecast straight ahead. for now, here's