TODAY   |  July 09, 2013

The big cheese: Winning specialty food revealed

Kathie Lee and Hoda sample some of the finalists from the Summer Fancy Food Show, and official judge Sissy Biggers announces which hand-crafted cheese takes home the gold.

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>>> movies have the oscars television as the emmys and broadway has the tonys. today we're about the sophie, one of the most coveted awards in the food industry .

>> the annual fancy food show wound up here in new york. susie was one of the judges and she is going to announce the winner of the outstanding new product category right here.

>> this is big. but as a judge i had to take 452 different products. we narrowed it down to this group, of which the winner is here. let's get started. it is all about local. this is from big picture farm in vermont where the goats graze in the pastural countryside. have a cocoa latte caramel. and it's got a little shot of espresso in it from the local mocha joe. come on, how good is that.

>> real good.

>> you have to go from the caramel to an edamame. it now comes from america. it's been coming from china. this is from the great soy belt of arkansas. you pop them in boiling water, a little bit of salt, then cool them down. how are those --

>> did you salt them?

>> a seeteeny bit of salt.

>> they keep their shape and american made. every lunch box in america will now have the teriaki gimme. gim is korean for seaweed. do you think we'd had that in your little metal lunch box --

>> you sure kids are going to like this?

>> it is gooey. i thought it was going to be crunchy.

>> seaweed has that little --

>> i love it.

>> never stand between me and the cheese pavilion at the great fancy food show. these are little pearls of goat cheese , from ireland.

>> i'm doing this because hodi can't.

>> i'll have another piece of seaweed.

>> a little sunflower oil . it is from pure goat curd. it is like a little explosion in your mouth. the point breeze brachnch of cheese. this is bay bleu. a little more fudgy texture. it's got a mushroomy and caramel finish. totally different profile.

>> that's mean.

>> that's delicious. you want to smell it?

>> no, i'll just eat seaweed for the rest of the segment.

>> this is the adult pantry. this is a trestle mac. just a little bit of cheese to finish it off. how yummy is that? that you can keep in your pantry, you come home from the trip on weekend, you say honey, how do you feel about truffle mac? this little container does an entire pound of pasta. have some more seaweed, hoda.

>> maybe you can help me, sara. then we've got seafood bisque from oregon. then we've got tabulleh. your agave.

>> and the award goes to --

>> is it the seaweed?

>> it is a tie!

>> between what?

>> for the cheese.

>> hoda, do you want to present the award?

>> no.

>> want some seaweed? cheese is big.

>>> we're going to try to get out of here alive, everybody.

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