TODAY   |  July 09, 2013

KLG, Hoda miss the mark with Bear Grylls

The internationally known daredevil and adventurer discusses his new summer reality series “Get Out Alive,” and puts the ladies’ survival skills to the test.

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>>> get ready to have the time of your life . internationally noted mentor bear grylls has done it on and he's the host of a new reality competition called "get out alive with bear grylls ."

>> wow, sounds like fun.

>> he's also the author of a new book, "a survival guide for life." go into show business .

>> welcome.

>> your show just before we get to our little competition, your show is pretty incredible. it is not a competition to see who gets to finish the race first. it is about guts, determination --

>> it is about the wild revealing character, see people under the squeeze either crumble or thrive.

>> what do most people do?

>> punt it. but they learn. as the exercise goes on, it becomes more and more full on and the terrain is harder. you see some real heroes emerge at the end.

>> you have emts on stand-by?

>> yeah, but they're usually down the valley drinking tea.

>>> very important thing in the wild, you've got to know a few knots. we're going to -- the way you remember it, make a loop. the rabbit comes out of the hole. it goes around the tree.

>> i'm with you.

>> the rabbit is not hanging around. then it goes back down the hole. then we pull it tight.

>> i did win?

>> you're both dead. just remember gb it all goes wrong --

>> i think i get it.

>> if you don't know knots, do lots. offense here, sometimes you have to hunt your supper. take that. we've got a target. a bow and arrow . keep the weapon pointing down the range. don't hit the cameraman.

>> nice!

>> now we reload.

>> good luck with that, k.l.

>> careful. there are real needles on the end.

>> there is one thing to be able to make the shot --

>> you need to put another one at the top.

>> don't point the thing at me.

>> one thing to make the shot -- can you make it when it counts, when you're up against it, when you're under pressure?

>> ow! ow! ow! you're mean. i can ask a question? ow!

>> bear, we wish you the best of luck with your show.

>> don't shoot it!

>> watch the show, get out alive with bear grilles. monday nights at 9:00, 8:00 central on nbc.

>>> busy dar things exercise does to your body. have a